3 Types of Lights You Need To Know To Keep Your Bedroom Warm and Attractive

3 Types of Lights You Need To Know To Keep Your Bedroom Warm and Attractive

A few decades ago, a room might only need a lamp in the form of incandescent lamps, fluorescent bars, or even kerosene lamps. Electric lights are usually hung or pinned to the center of the ceiling, while oil lamps will be hung wall or seated on the table. But now the situation is very different.
Now, especially in today’s homes, lights aren’t just lighting rooms. Lights are also used to add to the beauty of the bedroom and to create the mood according to the wishes of the room owner. So do not be surprised if you find there are various types of lights in the bedroom. In the specific form and function, there are many types of sleep lamps (some even mention up to more than 15 pieces). But in general, for those of you who are not familiar with the types of lights, there are at least three types of lights that are right for the bedroom that you might need to know.

Main Lamp

Some mention the main lights as general lighting. This lamp usually serves to illuminate the entire room evenly. Based on the hood (fixture) or the holder, then you will find the main lights with the type of hanging or chandelier, chandeliers in the ceiling (flush-mounted ceiling lights), or also the type of lamp lights that lately are very popular, lamps recessed lighting or often called downlights. The choice of lamp types is generally adjusted to the overall style of the room / residence. But whatever headlights you choose, make sure that the lights are able to provide sufficient and attractive lighting.

Work Lights

You might know him better as task lighting. The function of this lamp is the same as its name, which is to light up your activities in the room, such as reading or dressing up. These types of lights vary. But in general you can find this lamp as a type of sitting lamp (table lamp) and outboard lights (type of sconces or type of wall-mounted track light). Common reading lights on the side of the bed are the most common type of sitting lights. Like the sitting lamp which has many types (according to the hood), so does the outboard lamp. You can place a sticky lamp on the wall above the headboard (the dividing board between the head and the wall of the room) as a reading light and a sweet decor of the room. If you want a work lamp that looks contemporary, you can install a wall-mounted track light. This type of lamp is also very flexible if you want to have a dimmer / dimmer feature.

Accent Lights

These accent lights are also often known as mood lights, because of their function to build mood or atmosphere. There are also those who call this ambient lighting. This type of lamp generally does not give direct light to the eye, but through reflection on certain objects. This type of lamp is used to emphasize the existence of an object in the bedroom and give it an appropriate color atmosphere so that the room becomes more lively and dimensionless.

The position of this lamp placement can be very diverse. You can place it behind the ceiling, behind a painting, under an open shelf, behind a plant pot or something. So that the bedroom is more aesthetic and produces a pleasant atmosphere. One thing you need to pay attention to when installing your own accent lamp is about the lamp cord. Make sure that you arrange the cable as neatly as possible so that it is hidden because the milling cables will certainly disturb the attention and actually damage the mood.So are the three types of bedroom lights that you need to know and, maybe, you need to install in the bedroom if you want the room to be more attractive and warm. You can experiment yourself to enhance your room with these three lamp bases.