5 Tips for Choosing a Carpet for the Bedroom

5 Tips for Choosing a Carpet for the Bedroom

The choice of carpet in the bedroom plays an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere. In addition, the carpet also creates a luxurious feel in the bedroom.

Placing the carpet in the bedroom will give a soft feel. Especially if you use a carpet of the highest quality that can provide warmth on the surface.

The carpet adds a layer of softness and warmth that can’t be obtained from hard floors,” said Interior Architect at The Designory Design Firm Harriet Isaac-Cole

No wonder some people are not reluctant to buy luxury rugs to create comfort and warmth in the bedroom. This effort is also considered to affect sleep quality.

Here are tips on choosing the right carpet to use in the room to support your comfort.

1. Color

According to Isaac-Cole, dark-colored carpets are a trend these days. Dark colors are considered to give the impression of luxury.

2. Room Design

Regardless of trends, before choosing a color you should first consider whether the color of the carpet blends with other texture elements in the room.

3. Ingredients

There are several ingredients to choose from. Including wool, nylon, wool-nylon blends, and more luxurious choices such as alpaca and silk-wool blends.

4. Size

When choosing a carpet, consider also the length of the carpet. If you want the feel of a luxurious room, long carpet and velvet carpet can be the best choice.

5. Motives

You can choose plain or patterned carpet. However, do not forget to adjust the interior in the room. If your room is full of things, you should choose a plain carpet with white or beige so that the room looks more spacious.

Conversely, if your bedroom is very minimalist furniture, you should use a carpet with patterns or motifs.