It’s no secret to know the type of investment in property that is very profitable. In addition to providing significant profits, investment in this field is also relatively safer. Because this investment is classified as anti-inflation. That is, even if there is inflation, investment in the property sector will not have much impact. The fact that is currently happening is that property values continue to increase from year to year.

But indeed, investing in this field requires no small amount of capital. One of them is to build the property in question. But this (capital preparation) is proportional to what you will get later, it is passive income. As is known, property investment value is increasing from year to year. Its value will even increase if you produce such property as a money-making asset. Below is a profitable property investment

1. Office Property Investment

Office buildings are an option that is often chosen by many investors to multiply the profits from their wealth. Office property investment is believed to be able to realize the largest and most profitable profits compared to other property variations. In addition, a strategic location such as being in a business center will be the strongest supporting factor for why this property business variation is so very profitable. The company is the party that needs the most and makes requests for office space where they need space in the room to do business ranging from financial, operational, administrative and other functions. So when a company that rents grows over time, the demand for office space will be greater.

2. Shophouse

Especially in densely populated urban economic centers, of course the need for housing and a place to do business is one of the most sought after. You can profit from the rental rates paid in the contract agreement for a certain period of time. If you don’t want to bother with too many different business possibilities, you can also decide what kind of industry or business you can rent in your place.

3. Industrial / Manufacturing Property Investment

The type of property investment business in industry or manufacturing that is very profitable usually requires lower operating rates compared to other properties such as office buildings or retail. Property investment that can be carried out can be of various kinds, such as manufacturing, warehousing, development sites, research sites to goods distribution sites. When investing in this variety of industrial property, there are several important factors that must be considered, such as in terms of strategic location such as proximity to transportation, easily accessible roads, rail access or near sea docks, ability to load goods, to the ceiling height of a building. building.

4. Apartment

Many people buy apartments because they are cheaper than buying a house. But concretely, not everyone realizes this kind of apartment as a place to live. Many also rent it out to other people. Apartments are also one of the most profitable variations of property investment because when compared to boarding houses, apartments are certainly more complete with facilities. It has its own kitchen, its own bathroom, its own living room, its own bedroom, and so on.

5. Boarding House

Boarding houses can be very profitable. This type of investment covers the cost of your land via monthly or annual rent from the renter of the boarding house. Adjust prices by location to get the right variety of tenants. Variations of property investment near offices or campuses determine high occupancy rates. If there is additional land, you can open a supporting business that fits the needs of the boarding house occupants, such as a shop or laundry.