6 Benefits of a Home Foundation

6 Benefits of a Home Foundation

Your dream house will not be separated from the foundation or main support pillar of the house itself. How is it possible for a house to stand without the supporting pillars that are the main foundation of the house? like a building, no matter how good and beautiful a building is, but without a foundation it will also be the same.

The foundation is a major component of a structural which is located in the based or base of a building. You may not really understand and understand about buildings, will slightly ignore the layout of this section. How could it not be, if it was placed in plain view, below the base surface so you wouldn’t see it directly.

To make the foundation of this house, at least before building a house you must know what the design and plan of the house is like. This is where the benefits of the plan are very useful so that mistakes do not occur during the construction period so that there is no need to spend more funds.

Things to Look For When Building a Foundation

The foundation will not stand firm if the processing is unsuitable and unsuitable. The type, size, and construction of the building must be precise and adjusted to the load of the building, soil conditions and several other influential factors. Why? Because this foundation will be useful as infrastructure that will connect and continue the loads above the ground surface with other forces that will work on the ground itself.

As is well known, natural stones can be used as a home foundation so that the house will be stronger for a long time. This is the benefit of granite, which is often used as a construction for houses to be made. There is a new house that was built recently. It has only been a few years since it experienced cracks in the walls, even though the construction is strong, both from the sloof, pool, walls, and the building used is also strong. Unfortunately, after being telisir, the land used to build it is former rice fields and agriculture.
Structurally, the soil is soft and unstable. While the foundation used is an ordinary home foundation. This is a misconception and basis in making a house foundation. The following are the benefits of a house foundation:

Strengthening and Maintaining Building Period

Have you ever seen ancient buildings that still exist today? Why is it still standing up to now in a majestic manner? Hagia Sophia for example, one of the luxurious buildings which is now a museum. This is due to the strong foundation to help the building stand majestically.
One item that can be used as material for the defense of a building is cement. The benefit of cement that can hold buildings for decades is of course with good quality cement, so that the house will remain strong even though it is exposed to heat or rain.

Main Components of a Building

The existing foundation of a house is a major structural component of a building. If you build the foundation is bad and bad, not even strong, then the building period will not be long. Especially if the mathematical calculations are wrong. It could be that when used, the building collapses to the ground.

Shield to Prevent Shifting

In structural buildings, of course, shifts are very easy and prone to occur. What if this condition occurs? Very dangerous. Even if the foundation built is not strong. Buildings may collapse. For that, build a strong foundation so that this incident can be avoided.

Restraint in the event of an adjustment of soil shape

Soil is a natural state that can change and change conditions, structure, and conditions. This all happens due to the force from the center of the earth. It could be that this year the land will shrink. However, it could be that years later there is a shift in the soil surface which causes the soil structure to swell. Everything is just resigned to natural conditions.

Shield Against Chemical Interference

The foundation of the house is the very first part when natural changes occur. Its location at the very end and close to the soil surface is the reason for being a barrier or a shield when there is a change in chemical elements. You can recognize these elements with organic and inorganic substances.

Helps Hold Water Movement

Can you ensure that the city where you live will not be flooded? Natural events are something that cannot be predicted. That is why you have to build a house foundation which can also be a water retainer. The nature of water, especially the acid, is not very good when it comes to iron.
The meeting between them will cause corrosion because the iron mass is more negative than water. In fact, if the iron rusts, its strength will decrease and it will take a long time to lose. This is very dangerous for the life of the foundation and building of your house.