6 Tips on Buying a Home Before the Age of 30

6 Tips on Buying a Home Before the Age of 30

Buying a house seems to have been a frightening specter for millennials today. Land prices are rising and income tends to be stagnant, making the house seem to be very difficult for these millennials to achieve. financial planner Kennedy Handersen said that with the right strategy, the dream of owning a home at a young age even before the age of 30 years, could have been achieved. What are tips for buying a house before the age of 30 years?

Before knowing tips on buying a home, consider this first!

There are a number of strategies that can be done to buy a house at a young age. But before moving to this strategy, first determine the range of home prices you want.

That way, you can estimate how much down payment is needed, and estimate the time needed to collect funds of that size. After that, just do the following tips!

Tips on buying a house at a young age you can do

1. Saving and Saving

Saving is certainly the first thing to do to be able to buy a house before the age of 30. Always set aside at least 30{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} money to save the interests of the house. Force to save.

Make an additional account specifically for savings with the autodebet system which will debit your income every month so that the savings automatically enter every month. In this way the reasons for not saving can be minimized

2. Reduce the Hedon Lifestyle

The lifestyle of millennials is also in the spotlight as the cause of the difficulty of buying a home. Reduce consumptive lifestyles such as hanging out in cafes, eating at the mall or watching concerts and so forth.

The small money you spend on it if you calculate in a year the amount can be very large. It was even viral on social media at that time about someone who spent Rp. 4 million per month just for coffee at a cafe, you know!

3. Property Research in Sub-Urban Areas

Property in satellite cities such as and so on certainly have land and house prices that tend not to be too high. Start your research by searching intensively the mortgage and home programs they offer. There are still many houses for 400 million to  500 million that you can buy with a mortgage installment program that offers attractive interest.

4. Looking for a Side Job

After knowing the price of the house you want to buy, of course you can immediately calculate how much salary must be set aside to achieve these targets. If your income is considered insufficient to target buying a house. You should look for a side job that can support your finances. In the modern and digital era like this. Many side jobs that you can access from various search sites and freelance job site. Find your skills that can be sold. Look for the ones that won’t interfere with your main work.

5. Thinking about Investment Instruments

Saving is necessary to be able to buy the desired item. But besides saving, it’s a good idea to also invest in other ways such as mutual funds, stocks, Government Securities and so on. By playing this investment, the income will be higher than just saving. Therefore, investment will provide returns, so the funds collected will benefit. But of course, research and study must be done well before you invest! For beginners, investment with low risk is recommended. Once you feel better and can read the market, there is no harm in leveling up by investing in a high-risk instrument. Because, the higher the risk, the greater the opportunity for profits.

6. Housing with family

Another way to reduce expenses is to live at home with family. If your family has a decent house to live in, you should avoid renting an apartment or rented house. Expenses that were previously spent to rent the property you can of course save for the initial savings DP to buy a house.