6 Tips on Buying a Used Home

6 Tips on Buying a Used Home

Buying a used house can indeed be an alternative to meet residential needs. Actually buying more used homes, because the price of used homes is more affordable and will be free of value added tax. Some of the following tips you can apply before buying a used home.

Buy a used house without cost or directly to the owner

Buying a home is used more than the owner. Because you can ask directly about various things related to the house, such as the initial construction, the surrounding environment, reasons for being sold and so forth. Another advantage is that you are free to negotiate, so you can get cheaper used house prices. You can be more optimal in bargaining. The seller will not hold the price, because he does not need to pay the agreed commission.

Choose the right broker or broker

If you already fall in love with a house and must be purchased through a broker or supported, then the broker can be trusted. You can ask the relation about a trusted broker. Can also use property services that are well known and have high credibility. They will usually provide services to arrange buying and selling documents. Sometimes it also helps in managing the mortgage if you want to do a credit transaction.

Know the age of the house building

The age of the house building will affect the price of the used home that you will buy. If less than 10 years are fairly new, the ages of 10 to 20 years are classified as moderate and the age of the building is more than 20 years, including old buildings. If this house has been approved, you can ask whenever the house is approved. The things you should know are the quality of the material, the type of structure and the quality of the work. The older the quality of the house will be higher, if you are interested then you also have to get additional funds for renovation.

Looking at the environment around the house

A very important environment is considered, so you feel comfortable and safe to live in the house. Road access can also help, if you need a broad road because having a large car can be a consideration.

Completeness of legality

You must pay close attention to your house or SHM certificate, IMB certificate, UN payment certificate and so on. Get the name listed the same as the name that will sell the house. If you do not have to immediately request a return name or letter of sale and purchase with the previous owner. This stage is very important, because it involves legal ownership. Do not let disputes arise in the future.

Check the market price of the house

For your consideration before buying a used home, you can check how much the market price in an area. Bidding You have a benchmark in bargaining.