7 Ways to Arrange a Narrow Garden Home

7 Ways to Arrange a Narrow Garden Home

Having a beautiful garden at home is the dream of many homeowners. In addition to bringing a cool and green atmosphere, the park in front of the house can also provide aesthetic value for anyone who sees it. When you are tired of seeing a computer screen that hurts the eyes, with the presence of this park, you can be refreshed again.But unfortunately, not all homeowners have enough land to create the desired garden. Not infrequently small and dense housing does not provide land for the garden at all.

No need to be discouraged, you can also make a beautiful garden even with limited land. It only takes a little creativity and willpower, a narrow home page can be transformed into a beautiful and beautiful garden. For that, immediately prepare your land to start building the small garden of your dreams.

Add a level path to become a path

The main thing that can be done in managing the small land in front of the house is to add a flat path to be used as a path. These paths can be of various sizes and are adjusted to your budget using either concrete, brick, stepping stones. You can choose rocks in different colors. If a stepping stone seems barren in your eyes, then it can be replaced Make sure you have matched the color of the exterior of the house.

Give a frugal decoration

If your front yard is narrow and just enough for a terrace, you can use a little decoration with a budget-efficient like a container garden. A container garden is a concept of plants in packaging. So you do not need a large field, but only need a few favorite plants placed in a pot.

Set minimalist lighting

Maybe you do not like the state of the lights are striking and crowded. Therefore you can arrange the park with the right lighting. It could be a hanging lamp, a planted lamp, or a standing garden light. Also, you can add solar lights to illuminate the grass around the terrace. What is clear, so that your electricity costs do not swell, use LED lights.

Create a garden in the corner

To get around a small garden, you can create a garden in the corner of your home. This method is an alternative way so that you still have a beautiful atmosphere with the remaining large enough land. Make a corner of the garden with curved borders and fill it with various flowers, stones, and ornamental plants.

Create a balanced composition

The garden on the narrow terrace of the house can be tricked into looking wider with balanced composition techniques. How to set it? You can divide the land into three parts by separating the grass and rocks according to their color and size.

Take advantage of the wall

If you don’t like flower pots that overly fill your yard, you can put the plants on the wall of the house or give them a climbing vine. This method not only minimizes terrace space but also can provide a pleasant mood in the morning.

Make it all green

Complicated to buy additional furniture and other materials to decorate the small garden of the house? Why not make everything green? Make a single point of the page a cool and beautiful location with a healthy view. By presenting a variety of plants in the corner of the yard, this place will refresh the atmosphere of your home.

Those are various easy ways you can apply to organize a narrow front garden. Immediately begin preparations if the front garden of your house wants to be arranged. As a front view of the house, of course, a neat and beautiful garden will be very important to support the appearance of your home. Search for the materials and equipment you need at Super Bangun Jaya, and make the home page one of your dream home parts. Hopefully inspire.