Tropical climate is a climate that tends to be hot and slightly humid, so that is why choosing a house design needs to be considered carefully in order to create a home atmosphere that is #beneficial and can adapt to the weather and climate. In addition, it is hoped that the house that is inhabited can also remain comfortable to live in and have a high aesthetic value appearance.

Contemporary tropical house designs are considered very suitable for VOIRE friends to be applied in tropical countries the country where we live. It seems that this tropical contemporary home design is never empty of enthusiasts, you know, VOIRE friends. The appearance that is quite charming and looks elegant makes the fans increase. Besides that, a comfortable atmosphere can be obtained from this contemporary tropical house design.

are definitely curious about a variety of contemporary tropical home looks. Here Vira summarizes some contemporary tropical home inspirations from various places in tropical countries that you can copy for home designs

Villa Mia on Koh Samui in Thailand

This villa in Thailand actually applies tropical contemporary elements of Balinese architecture, you know, VOIRE friends. There is a pavilion and also a courtyard in the middle of the house, apart from giving the impression of a tropical contemporary design, it actually has an important function, namely making the air circulation and lighting that comes into this tropical contemporary house to the maximum. The swimming pool which is located in the middle of the house also adds a cool and comfortable impression to this one residence.

Contemporary Villas in Bali

This contemporary villa in Bali is the work of Word of Mouth Architecture and adapts the concept of a contemporary tropical house. This of course can be clearly seen with the room openings that can be fully captured by light and air circulation as well as a wide cantilever which functions to make the building feel shady. The white paint color dominates the villas in Bali, making the plant decorations around the yard of the house stand out and of course attractive.

The Sun House Modern Tropical House in Singapore

This tropical house in Singapore is the work of Guz Architect. Applying an open building concept and using wooden lattices that make this house very suitable if built in a tropical country. This tropical yet elegant appearance is clearly visible in the central pavilion which has wooden ceilling and has ornamental plants on the roof. Looks really beautiful, right friend

Distort House in Jakarta

The house design which is dominated by wooden furniture is actually inspired by the traditional Indonesian architectural style, you know, VOIRE friends. You can clearly see a conventional tropical touch but still modern. The color is dominated by white which can give a neutral impression when combined with a touch of wood. There is also wood that is placed in a structure, this makes the house comfortable and bright.

The green area located in front of the house can also benefit as an intermediate open space between the surrounding buildings and create a visual transitional bridge between the public garden and the house itself. Located in South Jakarta and in a residential area where there are still many trees, this house is so beautiful and popular among the surrounding community.

Chameleon House in Singapore

This house by designer Daniel Koh is suitable for those of you who have land on a cliff. Combining living and open glass will present a beautiful view at home. In addition, VOIRE friends can also enjoy the cool and natural air. You will feel satisfying comfort and facilities if this house is equipped with a plunge pool.

If you have vacant land around the uphill area or far around the cliff, of course this house is perfect for being an inspiration-enhancing material. Like the name Chameleon House, this house looks like it can camouflage between lush trees like a chameleon.

Dubldom Modular House in Russia

The front of the house uses a façade design by combining the use of glass on each side of the house. The layout of this house is located along the rear facade. This house is located far from cities and other settlements so that the beautiful nuance is very thick. By utilizing affordable materials such as metal, granary boards and glass, which can harmonize with the natural environment around the house. Oh, my friend VOIRE, the entire interior of this house is also made of solid pine, painted white, and this results in the use of dark end walls to visually increase the space.

Bartlett Residence Tropical Contemporary House in Costa Rica

Who would have thought that this house was the first modern tropical house design in Costa Rica, Brazil. This work from SARCO Architects is very capable of adapting to the climate, structure and landscape of this tropical house and has a very good symbiosis to the surrounding environment, such as the jengki roof in this tropical house which helps drain rainwater and improve water circulation. The swimming pool with open nature views is a place that everyone who visits this house will love.

The Staircase House in Singapore

You can see this tropical contemporary house and find it in the neighboring country, namely Singapore. This tropical contemporary house is the work of Guz Architects which is named The Tangga House. Installation of a cathilever that is wide enough can make the inner room feel shady and beautiful. Making maximum use of the open space is also the hallmark of a tropical home, Friends of VOIRE. Just like in this tropical contemporary house, coupled with the placement of a vegetation garden on the roof, it is also able to help the house stay cool in the middle of the hot and hot tropical climate.

The construction of this contemporary tropical house also pays close attention to the comfort side and ensures the durability of this building is very strong in facing the tropical climate. Even so, the appearance that looks still prioritizes aesthetic value so that the house looks beautiful and attractive.

So, those are various kinds of tropical contemporary houses as inspiration for tropical contemporary houses from various places in tropical countries for friends

You also need to remember, friend, if you should implement a tropical contemporary home, it is also supported by interiors and furniture with a tropical contemporary interior design. In addition to making everything look harmonious and united, it is also because the functions of the goods become more functional and can be of maximum use. Come on, create and realize contemporary tropical concept furniture with the VOIRE Project that will create the atmosphere of your home