A Minimalist Dream House Becomes More Comfortable and Elegant in These 4 Ways!

A Minimalist Dream House Becomes More Comfortable and Elegant in These 4 Ways!

The type and design of homes in minimalist housing are currently increasingly in demand by many people, especially for newlyweds. Minimalist house is very fitting for today’s couples, especially for millennials. In addition to saving money, the concept of a minimalist home can also look more modern and neat. Minimalist home architecture is very identical to the shape of a square or rectangular which does not require much decoration. The concept of a minimalist home that is most felt is to use building materials that tend to be simple but still functional.

What you should not forget is that this house is not just size or appearance but also related to comfort. If you plan to build a minimalist house, make sure that you have the right plan so that the house you make is more comfortable to live in. So that the minimalist dream house you have is more luxurious and elegant, there are several ways you can do it like this:

Avoid Storing Too Many Goods

So that this minimalist house you have is elegant and more comfortable, avoid storing lots of things and avoid storing items that are not much needed. Always remember the principle of a minimalist home where the room is functional, separate and dispose of unnecessary things that you no longer use. On the other hand, make sure all the furniture in the house is functional and you need it. It would be great if you use furniture that is multifunctional, namely a flexible bed and can be used as a place for storage.

Limit Room Use

There are still many who do this and consider using these barriers between rooms will be visible even though it is not true. The use of screens or dividers will only make the room look more cramped. To make your minimalist home look more elegant, what you can do is to make the furniture as bulkhead as a table or cupboard.

Use Mirror

To make your minimalist dream home more comfortable, use a mirror on your home decor. This mirror reflects shadows which can create the illusion of making the house look bigger than it is. You can put a large mirror on the wall of your home. In addition to the walls, you can also choose cabinets and doors that are lined with mirrors to create the impression of a wider space.

Maximize Lighting and Air Circulation

Although only minimalist, but the comfort of a home is the main thing. You can maximize lighting and air circulation so that comfort is created even more at home. Minimalist house with poor circulation will only make the house stuffy and damp. It would be better if there was a room facing the sun so the house would be warmer. A wide window is also very necessary to make air circulation much smoother.

Minimalist dream house will look more comfortable and elegant if you know how to design the house because comfort does not lie in how large the size of the house but how slick the application of furniture and layout in the house.