5 Industrial Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Industrial interiors are generally applied to residences with a large size, but even for a room that is not so spacious, you can also apply this industrial bedroom design. The interior, which is identical to the atmosphere of a warehouse or factory, as well as iron and concrete materials, has a masculine and cold impression. Industrial design is not only suitable for living rooms and kitchens, but this industrial style can also be applied as a bedroom interior. Here’s an industrial bedroom interior design that you can try in your bedroom.

1. Industrial Bedroom Interior Dominate White Color

If in general, industrial bedroom interiors are dominated by gray or brown, this time the room design is dominated by white. Although different, the characteristics of the industrial interior still stand out. Starting from the exposed brick walls, to the spotlights above the bed lined up.

2. Interior with Exposed Brick Wall

This exposed brown brick wall gives a warm impression to an industrial style bedroom. There are not many decorations in the interior of this bedroom, there are only beds and mural decorations above the bed. Standing lamps that highlight points of interest on the wall add an industrial impression.

3. Modern Industrial Bedroom Interiors

The interior of the bedroom with an industrial style can also be combined with a modern style like the bedroom design above. The exposed walls of bricks arranged to match the color of the bed are unique in this room. The modern impression on the interior of this industrial bedroom is obtained from a simple carpet from curtains and a standing lamp.

4. Industrial Bedroom Interior with Various Decorations

The exposed brick walls and concrete floor in this bedroom interior look very comfortable for a young couple to live in. The interior atmosphere of this room is not too cold thanks to the various decorations. For example, a painting that is hung and placed on the floor side by side with a round lamp with a wooden frame. You can also replace the painting with a canvas poster or other favorite wall decoration.

5. Industrial Bedroom Interior with Wooden Bed

The interior of this industrial-style bedroom looks comfortable even though it’s only small. Exposed concrete walls and wooden floors are quite common in industrial bedroom designs in general. The uniqueness of this industrial bedroom lies precisely in its bed which is made of an asymmetrical arrangement of wooden pallets and carpets.

5 Tips for Caring for Property so that the Selling Price Rises

If you are one who invests through property, you must take care of the house as well as possible. The reason is, the condition of the house will greatly affect the value of the house. Even if you take care of the house properly, the value of the house will continue to rise significantly. Here are some tips on caring for your property so that the selling price continues to rise:

  1. Make sure the house in a safe condition

Regularly check the security conditions in the house and its surroundings. Start by checking the electrical installation and making sure all the cable connections are in good condition. Also check every installed door and window, replace it immediately if you find a lock that is almost broken.

  1. Create an Eco-Friendly Home Concept

The issue of global warming that is currently developing has triggered an increase in public interest in environmentally friendly homes. This certainly has a positive impact on you, because by applying this concept, you can speed up the process of selling a house while increasing its price. If on average a house can be sold within 120 days, then this green house concept can sell in just 90 days.

  1. Apply Wall Paint Regularly

The charm of wall paint has a big effect on the beauty of a private house. If the color of the walls of your house seems to be fading, it is certain that the attractiveness of the charm is decreasing. Likewise, the protection provided by paint on the walls will weaken. Before a more serious problem occurs, make sure you paint the walls of the house regularly, especially in the exterior area.

  1. Check Plumbing at Home

No less important, know the position of the plumbing in your home. Periodically check carefully to see if it remains in good condition. Do not let the pipeline leak, because if this happens it will cost quite a lot of repairs.

  1. Treat the Hardwood Floor

Currently, wooden floors are in great demand by the people of Indonesia. No doubt, many people install this type of floor to increase the attractiveness of a house. If you also do a similar trick, always take care of the floor to maintain its elegant charm. Make sure the floor is not covered with dust, scratches, and splashes of water if you don’t want the appearance to fade.

7 Best Minimalist House Facade Design Ideas

Feeling confused to determine what kind of minimalist one-story house design is suitable to be a dream home? Although many say that a one-story minimalist house can’t be beautiful and only has an exterior model that’s all. Even though there are so many minimalist home designs that you can choose and apply to be a dream home design with your family. The following are 7 minimalist home facade design ideas that can be the right design for you to have when you are going to build or buy a house:

1. Simple house facade design with natural stone elements

Don’t make it an obstacle when you have a simple minimalist house like type 36 or 45. With a beautiful exterior appearance, minimalist white color can be combined with natural materials such as natural stone or exposed brick without finishing. So that the interior of the house feels more refreshing, you can use an additional roster around the top to make the air enter the house optimally. Added with a simple gable roof model, you can request materials that fit your budget or recommended materials.

2. Fresh toca house facade design

This minimalist home design style with a Tosca exterior is not only attractive. The iron material for the use of house fences as protection is also combined with natural stone fences. In addition, the small garden around the fence also adds an aesthetic and natural decorative effect that is more beautiful than if left empty. To make it more natural, you can combine it with a minimalist white color to neutralize the appearance of a more charming home.

3. Contemporary minimalist home design

In addition to the selection of materials on the exterior of the house, you can design a house with the selection of a contemporary half-sloped saddle-style roof model with the appearance of the roof facade being changed to the left side of the house. To get an attractive facade design, you can add natural wood material as wall covering on the terrace of the house. Don’t forget to leave one space of land to create a fresh green garden to get rid of the boring impression.

4. Simple facade design of an elongated house with a non-corroded canopy

For those of you who like the design of the facade of a house with a simple shape that has beautiful details like this, this could be one of the recommendations. The shape of the house is elongated and simple, applying an open concept from the front for maximum ventilation. In addition, house supports such as pillars are used for the terrace area of natural stone and also the house canopy of not cast concrete. By applying a variety of interesting dimensions, you can present a modern minimalist house facade design that looks aesthetically pleasing.

5.Minimalist house design with a beautiful simple concept

One way to bring a minimalist concept to a simple type 36 house is to pay attention to the exterior appearance. Even with only one color, the facade design of this house looks beautiful using white which will give a broad effect on the house. In order to give a slightly prominent impression, you can use roster material for the use of a permanent fence as seen.

6. House facade design with elegant dark scheme exterior

Want your modern minimalist home design to look elegant and attractive from the outside? Try with the application of dark colors to give an elegant touch of the facade. But you don’t have to use the dark color from the exterior paint only, but from the materials used such as natural stone, or other elements of the garden with shady trees that can add a beautiful impression to the house. Like this minimalist house facade design, you can apply it and become a recommendation when choosing the right home design.

7. House facade design with interesting components

Showing a simple house does not have to be simple materials. You can use various recommended materials that are durable and long-lasting to get an attractive facade design. Like iron material, natural stone or wood plank can be added to the use of fences to make the house more dynamic and livelier. Also consider the use of room windows to make the air enter the house to the maximum.

Terms in Home Remodeling, Know Before Remodeling

Terms in home remodeling, must be known before remodeling. This is so that the residence looks more charming and comfortable. Creating a home the way you want it takes extra effort, from the front view to the lounging area. In addition to the beauty factor, a well-built house can save energy.


In the world of architecture, the fasad is the front view, useful for showing the unique impression of a house. Derived from Italian, faccia means face. The fasad has a variety of looks, ranging from minimalist, classic, modern, bohemian to Mediterranean. The difference can be seen from the ornaments and materials used, for example classic, generally using white and warm colors, typical with high pillars or columns to emphasize the house.

Secondary skin

Not a few people think secondary skin is a fasad. Although it is commonly used for the front view, in terms of function, the two are different. The main use is to facilitate air circulation and save on the use of air conditioning, because air can enter optimally by installing a secondary skin. So the room feels cooler. For those who emphasize privacy, this type of loster is suitable as a protector. Because, even though the window is wide open, it is still safe without fear of being seen by people from outside.


The double ceiling or void is a room, in the middle of the second floor. The point is to provide natural lighting and facilitate air circulation so that it is optimal. Another use of the void is to facilitate communication between families until it is converted into a workspace or family room. The type of void can use real wood.


Ceiling or roof is the most important part in the house, this part is important to protect the owner from the heat and as a barrier between the first floor and the bottom. The choice of ceiling material determines the roof design later. For example, transparent glass or an open frame made of wood. In a minimalist concept house, on the side are generally placed LED strips or downlights.

5 Mistakes When Renovating Your Home

Home renovation is a time-consuming job. Not only that, the costs incurred for renovation are also not small. Therefore, home renovation can be very tiring even if you use the services of a handyman. In addition, mistakes during renovation may be inevitable. Here are some mistakes that often occur when renovating a house.

1. Error paint color

Many people are fooled when buying paint, the color in the catalog and when in the store will be different when applying to the walls of the house. Especially when you do this work yourself without the help of a handyman, such mistakes can happen. For that it is important to consider lighting. Darker colors in a room with less lighting can make the room appear smaller. In addition, the quality of the paint to the brush will affect the results of your work. If you have painted a wall but don’t like the result, the only way to fix it is to repeat the painting or paint on one wall only, and use another contrasting color for the other walls.

2. Error laying tiles

Changing a kitchen backsplash or old tiles in the bathroom is not an easy job. You must carefully select the appropriate type and size. For craftsmen laying tiles is common, but if you do it yourself, then you have to be patient. Some areas sometimes require smaller tiles, so you will need to trim the tiles. Call a handyman if you’re not sure you can do it.

3. Mistakes in replacing wooden floors

Replacing the carpet or tiles at home is a great way to change the look of your home. If you want to replace it with a laminate floor, then consider this. Discoloration that occurs in the color of the wood after some time. Make sure you attach the laminate well so that it sticks well. When applying laminate flooring, cover it with a protective layer to avoid discoloration.

4. Mistakes in the kitchen

Refreshing the look of the kitchen by replacing the cabinet with open shelves, might be your choice. But consider a few things. The use of a closed cabinet is suitable for those of you who do not regularly clean because all equipment can be hidden behind a cupboard. With open shelving, it costs you less. Besides looking trendy, you can also easily find items or kitchen utensils. However, you have to clean often because dust can easily stick to it. Since these shelves are open, make sure that your kitchen utensils are worthy of showing.

5. Mistakes to make a swimming pool

Making a swimming pool at home takes a long consideration. However, how often you use the pool is the most basic question that must be answered. If you rarely use, pay attention to the cost of installation, maintenance, and safety, especially for those with small children and pets. If you use it often, maintenance and routine expenses that must be incurred must also be considered.

5 Tips for Renovating a Narrow Bedroom to Feel More Spacious

The bedroom is one of the important elements in the house. As a private space, the bedroom should be made as comfortable as possible so that the owner feels at home. However, comfortable rooms are often synonymous with spacious rooms. Narrow but comfortable rooms are no longer a dream for you to get. Renovation can be one way if you know how to work around it. Here are 5 tips for remodeling a narrow bedroom to make it feel wider

1. Use Wall Paints With Bright Colors

One of the things that you must pay attention to when remodeling a narrow bedroom is the use of wall paint. The play of bright colors is believed to produce a broad impression in the room. In addition, bright colors can make the room feel more alive and not cramped. You can choose between pink, yellow, light blue, or white. Avoid using dark colors such as dark blue or dark brown, because these colors actually make the room feel narrower. In addition to using bright wall paint, you can also add furniture of the same color to make the room more lively. In fact, you can also use bright colors for sheets and blankets. So, actually you don’t need to remodel the room construction to expand it.

2. Make the window wide enough to receive sunlight

Replace the bedroom window with a larger one. When you buy a house for the first time, pay attention to the size of the windows in each room. Especially in the bedroom. Keep in mind that a small window will only make the bedroom feel narrower, even though your room is actually wide. For that, make sure that your bedroom has a wide window so that natural lighting from the sun can freely enter the room so that the room is not humid.

3. Use the Wall as a Storage Media

A narrow room certainly makes you have limited storage space. However, there is no need to be confused. There are many ways to outsmart a narrow room so you can still store furniture and belongings in the room. One of them by utilizing the wall. It’s not difficult, you just need to install a shelf that is attached to the wall. This method is commonly called floating shelves. For more efficient results, arrange the shelves horizontally so that you can use the empty space underneath to put other items.

4. Just Take Advantage of the Room Ceiling

Not much different from the use of floating shelves, utilizing the ceiling of the room can be one of the tips for remodeling a narrow bedroom. Although it can maximize its function, unfortunately it is often neglected in the renovation process. An example of its use is as a place for storing goods or decorating lights. If your bedroom ceiling is high enough, create a space between the room and the ceiling. The space can be used to store clothes or other objects of the appropriate size. That way the space used in the room is less and the impression of the room feels wider. In addition, you can also hang some room decorations on the ceiling. For example, a study lamp or a bedside lamp. Instead of putting it on the nightstand, it’s better to hang it to save space.

5. Prioritize Multifunctional Furniture

Using multifunctional furniture is one of the most recommended narrow bedroom remodeling tips for interior designers. Choosing furniture that will be used for narrow rooms is certainly different from spacious rooms. So, you have to be very clever in choosing the furniture that will be used. At least make sure that the furniture you choose can be doubled.

5 Tips for Small House Design to Make it Look Wider

Of course, land prices will increase from year to year along with the times and the less land available in the city. Many people outsmart the problem of limited land and expensive land prices by buying narrow land to reduce the budget. As a result, the building area that can be built is limited. There is nothing wrong with buying a narrow plot of land and building a tiny house. With the right small house design, narrow and limited indoor spaces can still look wider. Here are tips that you can apply to a small house so that it looks spacious.

Mount the Mirror on the Wall

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or shopping center with a mirror mounted on their inner wall area? It was a trick that was deliberately used to create the impression of a large room. You can also apply this kind of trick to your home. The bigger the mirror you use, the more spacious your home will feel. Not infrequently the mirror that is installed has the same size as one wall area so that the space feels connected to the reflection.

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Surely you’ve seen a piece of furniture with a variety of functions. An example of multifunctional furniture is a bed under which there is a drawer to store things. The existence of this drawer is able to save space by replacing the function of a cupboard, for example. Multifunctional products can sum up the amount and size of furniture in a tiny house. Choose the one that suits your individual needs and tastes.

Install Large Window and Curtains

The existence of large windows can make a room look more spacious. Because the large window facing the outside is able to give a sense of space that seems to continue outside. In addition, large windows can make the intensity of light entering the house more and more. Then, the use of large curtains helps to give the impression of a higher ceiling so that a small room will look wider vertically.

Reduce Bulkheads and Doors

If you have a narrow area, try not to give too many partitions or boundaries between one room and another. With no partitions between spaces, your home will look much more spacious and airy. Or, if a room still needs a partition, use a partition with a gap or hole so that there is continuity between one room and another.

Precise Ceiling Design

The shape of the ceiling or ceiling design of the house will also determine whether or not a room is wide. In limited space, try to make the distance between the floor and ceiling as high as possible. This of course will make the room much more spacious. And just like the walls, the use of white or other bright colors on the ceiling of your house can give the impression of a wider room.

Simple and beautiful minimalist home design inspiration with a tropical theme

There are many reasons why simple minimalist home designs are still very popular today. Besides not being complicated, the clean impression it offers is really pleasing to the eye. One of the inspirations for a minimalist house, can be done with a modern tropical design that is not only simple and neat, but also makes the residents feel at home. There are a number of tricks that can be done, including the selection of basic colors to create a neat impression.

1. Use of base colors

The striking characteristic of a minimalist style house is the use of basic colors such as white, gray, beige, and black. You can find all these components in the living room. To enrich the atmosphere, one side of the wall is covered with wallpaper whose texture is able to reflect light. The addition of patterned cushions and live plants in one corner, is effective in brightening the atmosphere.

2. Patterned frame

In addition to the beautifully arranged living room spoiling the eyes, there are other parts that are sure to immediately attract attention. The wooden frame that is installed as a barrier between spaces is formed with irregular geometric patterns, but instead looks artistic.

3. Tropical living room

The family room is designed with an open plan concept to make it feel spacious. That’s not enough, a transparent wall that separates the indoor area from the swimming pool becomes a soothing sight. Want to relax while chatting or swimming, all can be done at once in this room.

4. Spacious bedroom

For those of you who crave a spacious rest room with high ceilings and all-white beds, choose floors and various wooden furniture to give a special warm impression. A wide window that becomes a source of natural light makes the room feel more spacious. Modern minimalist home designs sometimes face the challenge of appearances that are considered boring. The solution, can be added some texture in some parts. For example, such as a wooden partition with an irregular square ornament. The same formation is also presented on the fence. Creating the impression of a unified design like a related storyline

Tips for setting a budget for those of you who want to renovate a house

Often hear the term, the house is a palace? Because home is our place to go home after we do a series of activities, of course we have to make the house as beautiful as possible and also as comfortable as possible so that we feel at home in the house. Do you feel that your house needs renovation because there may have been some damage and besides that you don’t feel comfortable anymore in your home. The following are tips for setting a budget for those of you who want to renovate your home

1. Make a list of what you want to improve

If you want to quickly renovate a house, then you have to pay close attention to the steps that we will provide because decorating a house is arguably a difficult thing to do. The first step you have to do when you want to decorate or renovate a house, then you have to make a list of what you want to improve, why is that? So that the renovation process in your home will be more focused and besides that it can also help you to save the finances that you will spend on home renovations. The trick is that you have to go through room by room in your house, then when you later find that there may be a damaged element then you have to record it and make a list of what you want to fix later. For example, you find that the wall in the main room has a leak, and the window in the child’s room is damaged. Then make a neat list and besides that, sort it from the most priority scale. By compiling like this it will help us save money financially and become more effective and efficient too.

2. Make a list of what to buy

The second step that you have to do if you want to renovate a house is that you have to make a list of what you should buy for home renovations. This second point will of course be related to the first point. We suggest that you make point one first so that in point two it will be easier for you to know what needs you should buy. For example, judging from the first point earlier that there is a leak on the wall in the main room, then in this second point you can explain how to buy cement, paint, and so on. In addition, you can also make a list of what to buy along with the amount or quantity and also include an estimated price for those needs and also where to buy them. So this can greatly facilitate you in doing renovations and help to save money.

3. Make renovation priorities

The third way that you can do next to set the budget is to make an innovation priority scale. By making this, you know what your needs are, which are the most important, and you can also adjust it to your budget. For example, in point one, it turns out that there are 3 things that must be repaired in your house. And after that you make a list of the needs of each thing you want to renovate. Then of the three, then you may have to choose a priority scale. Which one is the most important and should be renovated? That way you know which ones are the most important to be renovated and prioritized in your home. This helps you to save more and not spend too much money on renovations.

4. Make the most of used goods

Tips for setting a budget for those of you who want to renovate your fourth home is that you can make the most of used items in your home. Renovating your home doesn’t mean you have to buy all the new stuff. Maybe you have some used or old items stored in your warehouse and it turns out that they are still useful for renovations. Of course, doing this will really help you to save money, right? You don’t need to buy new things and it can also help to make savings. So it’s better that you look for used items in your home, which are still suitable for use and of course also according to your needs. Or if not you can buy it from someone else or buy it online. You can do something like this because it is very economical.

5. Make a spending plan

The next thing you have to do when you want to renovate a house is, of course, to make a spending plan. Because earlier you have made a list of what you need to fix at home and besides that you have also made several lists of what items must be purchased, then you can compile them and then add them up so you can know how much the total planned expenditure is to renovate your house. Then you can adjust this spending plan according to your budget. You can reduce it, if it doesn’t match or exceeds the budget you have provided. This is also very important for those of you who really want to get home renovations that are economical and within budget.

6. Be observant in choosing contractors and handyman services

The next step, you have to be observant in choosing a contractor and also handyman services because with that you can get a really good and thorough home renovation. We recommend that you choose the services of a contractor and also an experienced handyman. Do not force to get a cheap price if you want to get maximum results and as desired. It’s a good idea, you can ask colleagues or relatives, which services are good and quality contractors that they have used their services for.