Bring the atmosphere of the house alive to feel warm and familiar

Bring the atmosphere of the house alive to feel warm and familiar

The house is always the place to return and the most comfortable place to rest. No wonder so many people feel more comfortable at home after traveling far awayso you certainly want to want the atmosphere of your home to be warm and pleasant. The design of a warm room is very suitable for you who like to welcome guests at home. Try various ways to make the house warmer for you and your family. A house that presents a warm and peaceful atmosphere is certainly able to make all the residents feel at home. Like presenting decorations that represent a hobby or hobby, it never fails to create comfort for you and your family. Here are some of Arsitag’s recommendations to make your home feel warmer.

Present the ambience of the living room

The living room is often the first room you encounter once you enter a house after a day of work. In addition to entertaining guests, this room also duly builds the mood for the owner when he returns home. A comfortable sofa with muted colors accompanied by a painting, can help bring a more warm and welcoming atmosphere of the house, both for you and your guests.

The warmth of a family photo

The decor is heartwarming and makes the house warmer when returning home is a family photo. The existence of an influential family photo forms the impression that you are really at home. Convenience also comes automatically.

Must exist! Room to relax and pursue a hobby

For those who have a hobby of music or art, you might need a special room to do the hobby. If you have just come home from traveling for quite a long time, this room is certainly included in the list of things that are missed. In addition, a room with this function will usually make you more relaxed and feel completely at ease.

Versatile room, Play music? Come on You want to read a book too!

The concept of the next warm corner of the room is multifunctional. Namely, to play music while reading books. This completely available room complements your hobby and hobby facilities, so you are more comfortable and at home.

Bedrooms with certain color themes

Color selection is an important point in forming the expected mood. Psychologically, natural colors like blue will usually give a calming impression. It is suitable to be applied in the designation of a rest room. Apply blue in a matching gradation to the bedroom furniture. Create a comfortable bedroom for you to rest well.
Look, how the warm blue color combined with wallpaper and decorative lights on the nightstand. Shh, adding lots of pillows on the mattress including telling tricks to increase the warmth in the room, you know. Looks very cozy to rest, right?

Kitchen with paintings and pendants

Your minimalist kitchen looks boring due to the lack of a kitchen set? Hanging lamps and paintings are the solution. The result, friendly nuances when cooking and dining with a partner or other family members. Don’t forget, add a design with wood material to strengthen the impression of a warmer house, yes! The existence of the texture can increase the impression of a warmer room.

Dining room with wide windows

Utilizing natural light, including a reliable way to provide warmth in the house. Dining room design that invites the entry of sunlight will make you feel warm and comfortable. Breakfast is even more enjoyable while enjoying the air and direct sunlight. By itself the house will feel warmer, as well as the mood of every family member.

A gathering place on the roof

Do you face limited land? An alternative place to feel the warmth of the house, of course, is the room on the roof. Magic becomes a fun place to gather and mingle. When the weather is sunny, you can enjoy time with a barbecue with your beloved family.