Characteristic of Tropical Interior Design

Characteristic of Tropical Interior Design

Tropical-style house has a characteristic as a residential house with a wide terrace, has plenty of air ventilation for good air circulation so that the temperature of the room feels cool. Therefore this interior design style has a spacious roof space, an open identical arrangement of space, and has many plants in the environment around the house.

Roof Room That Has A Wide Size

The design of this design roof must pay attention to potential indicators of the weather that exists in tropical climates. having a wide and open size is a characteristic feature of tropical design style. made of wood that looks natural and can give the impression of relaxation.

Using Neutral Colors Combined with Natural Colors such as Green

To add a natural atmosphere to be more felt in this concept, the colors used in this room both for the walls or furniture using neutral colors and combined with colors adopted from nature, such as green, brown, and so forth.

Using Partitions as an Alternative to the Wall

Biasana to divide between rooms other than walls, then another alternative is to use partitions. Because the type of tropical design style is open, for those of you who want to use partitions to divide space, use partitions that have holes so that air circulation in the room remains good.

Using Solid Wood Furniture

Furniture used in this design style is using solid materials, such as wood, rattan, bamboo, pine and so on. To realize the nuances of nature, we must use furniture or decoration equipment made from nature.

Plant Decoration Is Mandatory For Natural Feel

Decoration that is used to enhance this design style is to use many plants in almost all rooms to give a cool impression, other than that other decorations can be natural paintings such as trees, mountains or ethnic nuances such as puppet pictures, and other traditions. In addition, decoration in the form of ethnic carvings or ethnic sculptures is also suitable to decorate this type of design room.