Characteristics of Contemporary Interior Design

Characteristics of Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design style for a building art developed rapidly in the 1940-1980s. The word contemporary itself can be interpreted as something that follows the development of the era, marked by changes in design that always tries to adjust to current trends. Changes in design can be seen from changes in shape, appearance, type of material, processing, and technology used. This architectural design is more complex, innovative, varied and flexible.

Contemporary interior design styles prefer not to carry and maintain the impression and style of interior design styles of the previous era.  Old style that is labeled contemporary will produce a fresher and different design. Contemporary also presents a combination of styles, such as tropical contemporary, contemporary classic, contemporary rustic, and others.

Its elegant, simple design and contemporary appearance characterize this contemporary interior design. Here are the characteristics that can be used as a reference for contemporary style interior design:

1. Bright Lighting in Every Corner of the Room

Modern contemporary interior design, the room is made open and bright by incorporating natural light into the room. Using glass as a substitute for walls, large transparent windows, and skylights to bring natural light into the room.

The form of a larger and transparent window one of the things that you can apply easily and more is also a characteristic of contemporary architecture. The window is usually placed in a unique position. If you like natural light and love scenery, contemporary architecture can be a choice. However, if you are very concerned about privacy and plan to build a house in an urban area where there are neighbors nearby, keep in mind the placement of windows.

2. Using Neutral Colors Like Black, Gray, White

The use of color in contemporary interior design styles is dominated by neutral colors such as gray, brown, black, and white. Need special skills to combine these colors in each room to create a beauty. The combination of colors between walls, floors, ceilings with colors in furniture and decoration must be adapted to a very mature concept and also adapted to the shape of the furniture to be used.

Adding a little spark of bright color to the concept of this contemporary interior design will create a cheerful impression. Vira’s advice leaves little room for the bright color of the accessories and furnishings. You can sharpen your imagination to make the room look more creative so that it gives a striking beauty to the room.

3. Materials Used Are Made From Natural Such As Wood, Natural Stone

Materials used in contemporary designs are mostly made from natural materials. Materials such as wood, natural stone, slate, teak, cotton, wool, etc. with shapes adapted to current trends, natural and transparent impression are characteristic characteristics of contemporary interior design.

Not only to emphasize the natural impression, but this contemporary interior design also has meaning that pays attention to the environment so that the naturalness produced is not made up. Usually this contemporary interior design applies the Ecohousing system which is a characteristic that is often used in contemporary architecture.

Many conventional buildings use elements that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. In residential construction, contemporary architecture has a goal to integrate the house with its natural surroundings. The aim is not only to protect the environment from disturbances, but also to add the character of this contemporary interior specifically to a house or residence.

4. Simple decoration, simple and has a good functional

The decoration used in contemporary design style has interesting characteristics. The furniture design style gives a simple and simple impression to its appearance. Room decorations that decorate the room usually use ethnic and traditional items, or crafts such as abstract paintings, ancient dishes, plants, handmade carvings, fur rugs, and so forth.

The form is also a dominant element that you can apply as a decoration with a simple impression of this contemporary interior you know. Contemporary interior designs tend to stay away from habits with monotonous shapes such as straight lines with more frequent use of curved lines instead. In some instances, a decoration is entirely conceptualized and designed with curved lines. In another example, some are designed by combining curved lines and straight lines.

In contemporary architecture, what will be seen is in the form of a round building. When contemporary interior design uses straight lines, a more unique composition of space will be created. The combination of these spaces allows the creation of more lively interior spaces with unusual layouts. If you like something different, contemporary interior design is the right choice for you.

5. Is an Open Plan, Namely Uniting All Rooms in Residential

Contemporary style houses appear with the characteristics of uniting all the rooms in the dwelling. There is no boundary between one room and another is the open plan concept for this style. An open plan is an iconic characteristic for this contemporary style house.

Now in applying the open plan, it certainly does not escape from one of the characteristics of contemporary design, namely the use or a straight line game that repeats both vertically and horizontally. This line element can be obtained from furniture and openings which are blurred boundaries between rooms. An open plan is ideal and also iconic for a contemporary style house you know!

6. Integrated with Automatic Technology

Contemporary interior design styles prefer not to carry and maintain the impression and style of interior design styles of the previous era. This appears in contemporary interiors prefer to show themselves and appear in the “maturity” of the present. And on the other hand, contemporary interior design also does not display a futuristic or future impression.

One of the futuristic features of contemporary interior design is the application of technology. In accordance with the concept that follows the trends and times in which today the technology has developed rapidly. The use of a remote that can control all equipment such as opening automatic fences, closing automatic curtains, automatic cooling, adjustable lighting, security systems, and so forth. The more time is developing, the more contemporary design style that has this flexible nature will also develop. If you are someone who is happy with a new and exciting atmosphere, then try contemporary interior design at your house to get something new.