Clever Tricks Choosing a Good Paint for the Damp Wall

Clever Tricks Choosing a Good Paint for the Damp Wall

Humid wall has indeed become a problem that most of Indonesian people experience because this country is located in the equatorial region with quite high rainfall. Especially for houses that are built close to other houses, such as in housing or houses in the alley. Overcoming a damp wall is not an easy matter and the most effective and practical way for homeowners is to repaint the interior walls of the house. Choosing paint that is good for a damp wall might be something that seems confusing to you.

When in fact, there are a lot of good paints for damp walls on the market. What’s difficult is choosing which paint will be long-lasting and of high quality to overcome the problems of damp walls at home. see the smart tips and tricks below so you know which paint for the damp wall is the best!

Look for antifungal and bacterial paint

The damp wall is the perfect location for mold to grow and is an ideal place for bacteria to breed. Of course this situation will make you feel uncomfortable and your health and that of family members will be threatened. Therefore, choose wall paint that has antifungal and bacterial claims, such as Royale Smart Clean from Asian Paints. This wall paint is made to prevent mold and bacteria to grow on the walls of the house. With materials that can kill microorganisms, your home will be fully protected. If your budget is limited to buying antifungal paint, or you want to make sure that the wall is protected from mold and bacteria, you can add antifungal liquid to the wall paint. This liquid is called mildewcide.

Choose a quality paint, not the cheapest

Quality wall paint with antifungal and bacterial features will indeed make you spend even deeper. However, the costs you incur will be proportional to the quality you receive. Indeed, when comparing paint with good quality and cheap paint but the quality is doubtful, you will feel the same quality and tend to choose paint with the lowest price. However, in the long run, your choice of paint will greatly affect the durability of the paint on a damp wall and the ease of the paint process.

Choose paint with a bright color

Light colored paint will not only make the room feel fresher and wider, but will give a sign if the fungus reappears and it will be easier for you to handle it. If the fungus is allowed to develop because it’s not clearly visible under dark paint, you will have more difficulty getting rid of it. If you still want to use a dark color, use it as an accent, not as a base paint color. The combination of bright colors with dark accents will make the room free of monotonous impression and you can still know when mushrooms begin to grow again.
Exterior paint can be used as an alternative

If the problem of mold in the house is already severe and there is no interior paint that can cover the humidity of the walls, you can choose exterior paint as an alternative. Exterior paint is indeed formulated to last even in extreme weather conditions and last longer, even in humid conditions. As an exterior paint option, you can choose Paint from Asian Paints. This type of paint has a formula that is resistant to extreme weather changes, anti-carbonation, anti-pollution against evaporation of salt water, anti-UV rays and provides the best protection against mold and mildew

Clean the walls regularly

Once you find paint that is suitable for damp house walls, don’t forget to always clean the walls regularly. Recognize the signs of walls beginning to mold and clean. If the fungus hasn’t spread too much, you can use vinegar to clean it.
Well, those are just a few tips that you are trying to choose paint for damp walls. Keep in mind that you also have to make sure the air circulation in the house and the installation of water pipes are correct because both of these can be the cause of damp walls. Good luck!