Complete Guide to Selling Land for Beginners Quickly

Complete Guide to Selling Land for Beginners Quickly

Selling a plot of land on the property market scene is not easy. Most people prefer to buy a house rather than plain land that needs to be cultivated again. Even so, market share for land remains promising, therefore, a fast way to sell land can still be applied.

Land in the Property Market

Some people think that the land market has the same dynamics as other property markets such as houses. In reality this is not the case. The land market has its own characteristics that are different from other property markets. Here are some of the differences.

  1. Land Buyers Have Different Characters from Home Buyers – Home buyers will look for houses that can be directly inhabited, both by the buyer themselves and others if they want to be rented out. This is different from land buyers. They usually want a plot of land with a strategic location and have the opportunity to be further modified.
  2. Different Sales Methods Need to Sell Land – Houses have kitchens, bathrooms and exteriors that can be made photogenic. The seller can also invite prospective buyers to shop around his house to convince the buyer. This does not apply to soil, because only visible empty fields.
  3. Land Market Is Not As Active As The Home Market – Simply put, there are fewer land buyers than home buyers. Although it is marketed on the same platform, land ads will get fewer contacts than home ads.

Even though it is difficult, in reality many people have managed to sell land quickly. Highly segmented market conditions make it easy for them to do so.

Tips on how to quickly sell land

There is indeed a difference between selling land and selling a house. But in principle, selling land can use a concept similar to selling a house. You only need to design a strategy to sell this property. Here is a quick way to sell land that you can apply.

Know Your Prospective Buyers

Identifying your land buyer profile is the right step when starting to sell land. What does your buyer look for? Land to build a house? Or your buyer is a developer who wants to expand the project?

After identifying the buyer’s profile, you can immediately present your land according to the needs they have. Information related to schools or shopping centers is needed by a single buyer. It is different with developers, who need additional information related to zoning, local regulations, water capacity, etc.
If you don’t already know that information, you can do some research. Once all the information is complete, selling the land will be easier and the buyer will put more trust in you.

Prepare Your Land

If you want to attract buyers, all you need to do is display the land in the best condition. In contrast to homes that have lots of space, the arrangement of land for photo needs is very simple. Cutting grass and cleaning the surface of the soil from rubbish are ways you can prepare the land before it is sold. Some sellers also plant decorative flowers to enhance the appearance of the land. Another thing that needs to be prepared is to set clear boundaries on the ground. This limit can be very useful information for potential buyers of your land.

Take Care in Determining Prices

Determination of prices will affect the speed of slow sales of land. Setting too high a price is one of the biggest mistakes in selling land. Not only do you not want to buy, high land prices also risk making your prospective buyers reluctant to ask questions about land. The impact, the land will be sold for a long time.

Determining land prices is more difficult than determining housing prices. This is because the price range is very diverse and one of them is determined by the destination of the buyer. For example, if someone thinks that the land you are selling is suitable for luxury housing, the price can be higher than for land that is only suitable for ordinary housing. Assistance from experienced real estate agents in the field of buying and selling land will be very useful at times like this.

Use the Property Marketplace to Advertise Your Land

In this digital era, marketing products online will greatly assist in accelerating sales, including land sales. You can take advantage of popular marketplaces in Indonesia to accelerate sales.

Offer Neighbors

Before selling your land via an online platform, it’s a good idea to offer it to neighbors where the land is for sale. Usually neighbors will be interested in buying land if they want to expand their dwellings. In addition, offering land to local developers who are operating in your area is also worth a try.

How to Sell Land Online

It has been mentioned before that the marketplace can help in accelerating land sales. Thousands or even tens of thousands of potential buyers gathered there, watching long-running land advertisements, as well as new ones.

Selling land with an online platform is not the same as selling land through print media. You need to choose the right platform, take photos of the land properly to think of persuasive advertising sentences to be able to advertise in online marketplaces.