Confused Choose Exterior Paint for Home?

Confused Choose Exterior Paint for Home?

The beauty of the house one of them visible from the outside appearance. Strong, easy-to-clean paint makes the exterior walls of a house stay beautiful. The exterior wall is the part of the house that is most often faced with changes in weather such as heat, rain, wind and sun. If you choose the wrong paint for the outside of the walls of the house, then your house will paint more easily peeling, dirty, and moldy. Here are tips on choosing quality exterior paint.

Choose a paint that is resistant to all weather

All weather-resistant paints contain materials that make walls resistant to weather, mosses and mold. By using paint that is resistant to all weather, the outside of your home will look beautiful for longer.

Use paint that makes the wall easy to wash & clean

Because of its position in the outside area, exterior walls are more prone to dirty and dusty. Therefore, use paint containing a special formulation of Nature Guard Technology that makes stains and dust not easily stick so that the exterior surface gets perfect protection from all weather. Nature Guard Technology also makes walls easy to clean, resistant to rubbing and washes many times. Remarkably, even though washed many times will not damage the beauty of the color of the wall paint & does not peel. The only paint that adopts the formula Nature Guard Technology is Sunguard Powerful Exterior Paint. High quality Sunguard paint made from 100 percent superior acrylic material formulated for all new or previously painted outer walls.

Apply the paint properly

It will be futile if you have chosen a good quality exterior paint, but wrong in applying it. Especially for Sunguard, do the preparation on the surface first, namely by ensuring the entire surface is dry and clean, free of dust, stains, oil, and not contaminated with materials or other impurities. Remove peeling or damaged paint thoroughly. Then, clean the moldy and mossy area, fix small holes or fine cracks and avoid using plamir to cover the entire surface of the outer wall.

For new walls made of cement or concrete plaster, the surface of the wall must be completely dry. For the old wall, if the stickiness and the condition of the old paint are still good, can be painted immediately. If the old paint is whitewashing, scrape the whitewashing part and then give one layer of primary paint (recommended Lenkote Alkali Resisting Primer) to add power and cover power. Another advantage of Sunguard is that it has thousands of color choices to suit your needs. The colors are grouped into eight color inspiration groups, namely red, orange, yellow, neutral, ocean, green, purple, and blue. Choosing wall paint is not just beautiful colors that are not easy to fade, so the walls look always new. In addition, other factors must also be considered, such as being easy to apply, having good dispersal and closing power, adhering perfectly to the walls, so as to protect the building so that it lasts longer.