Creative Tips to Have a Simple Minimalist Home, Which Has Been Run?

Creative Tips to Have a Simple Minimalist Home, Which Has Been Run?

Having one’s own home is an achievement and happiness in itself, as the saying goes: Whether it’s a simple minimalist house, simple minimalist house type 45, simple minimalist house 1 floor, simple minimalist house 1 floor 2 rooms, simple minimalist house 2 floors, simple minimalist house 3 rooms, or simple minimalist house in the village.

The house is still a palace for its inhabitants.

A shelter in the rain and scorching heat of the sun, a place to chat with children and wives, a place to sail the ark of life with a variety of joys and sorrows Conversely, as big and grand as any house, if the house is not one’s own, whether it belongs to in-laws, parents or contracts, will make its inhabitants unable to sleep soundly, physically and mentally uneasy And so the importance of the house, then how to have your own home? in full, let’s follow the discussion about 7 simple tips to have your own home below …

Simple Audit of Your Financial Conditions

The first step that can be done is to know your financial condition. No need to wait later if the salary is already large, whatever your salary is large, everyone can buy a house with a small salary and barely enough if you know how. The first simple step is to sort by source and designation. The source of funds is entered into the income side, and the allocation is put into the expenditure side, if all is known then analyze it. From the analysis it will be known whether the results are lame, balanced, or there is still money left that can be saved.

Perform Monthly Money Management

If you are an employee, a monthly salary is like a fresh injection that adds energy.
Alu, how do you make that salary can meet your expenses? Discipline using money is the key to achieving that goal. A simple way of financial management that can be applied is to divide your funds into various posts, for example to:

• Monthly basic needs
• Children’s education costs
• Paying credit; home, vehicle
• Additional needs
• Savings funds (especially for expenses that are important and urgent)

And you alone know your needs best, so you alone can manage your finances.
Percentages for basic needs, additional needs, and savings can be varied each month.
Several formulas can be tried and determine the most appropriate for you. The general formula is 40{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} for living expenses, 30{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} for paying credit bills, and 30{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} for savings.

Take advantage of free time to start your own business

The average work time of an employee is 40 hours a week, so there is still plenty of time that can be used to start and develop a business.
Some of these business ideas you can apply:

• Selling physical products: selling shirts, food, drinks, gadgets
• Selling service products: selling reflexology services, accounting courses, taxation, financial management, welding, etc.
• Selling digital products: selling software, Powerful Financial SOP material, ebooks, music

If we are not actively trying to change our destiny, then what do you want to rely on the president? The rate of inflation is higher than the increase in employee salaries, and the one who is able to catch up with inflation is if your money is invested in a productive place.
Choose investment activities that fit your conditions and abilities. And the main requirement for investing is that you have funds to invest. A minimum of 20{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} of monthly income must be invested. Therefore points 3 and 4 must really be applied! Because if the points are successfully realized then this point 5 will also be able to realize.

Affordable prices

You are currently struggling to have a home while meeting the needs, so look for a dream home at an affordable price. Having a luxury home is everyone’s dream. But you have to realize that house prices are rising every year. If you insist on having to buy a luxury home, lest that desire will only be a desire that is carried until the end of life. Therefore if you already have enough money to buy a house, or just to pay a down payment, hurry to buy a house. Be realistic about your situation, choose a house with an affordable price, even though a simple minimalist home.

How to information about property financing ranging from using mortgage instruments to the sharia system. Consider what best suits you. If you choose a mortgage as a means to own a house, in order to get approval from the bank, then make sure the home price installments do not exceed your current income. Some of the following tips can be run:

• No doubt buy a house in the suburbs.
• Try to buy a house at the initial launch.
• Visit property fairs often and read property news