Decoration Tips: Creating a Romantic Room Atmosphere

Decoration Tips: Creating a Romantic Room Atmosphere

For those of you who are preparing or want to bring a different feel at home, here are decorating tips that are easy to apply. In addition to decorations such as candles and rose petals, a romantic atmosphere can also be made in any room, at any time. Because many consider soft pastel colors perfect for decoration to add a romantic impression in the room, the use of challenging colors with a simple style can also display an elegant and unexpected side of decoration. Here are some decorating tips from Dulux color experts to create a blend of colors for your personal space with full nuance.

A Calming Room for Dreaming

Want to find a place to enjoy the moment? Blend from the color of the land such as Honey Spices – or also known as Crème Brulee with pastel colors, warm wood, and soft fabrics to create a calm space that is perfect for painting and reflecting on yourself. As the Color of 2019, Honey Seasoning was chosen as a color that reflects full optimism and positivity.

Tip: Spiced honey represents colors that give different nuances to be combined with different colors and give the look of the house to your liking – both with comfort and shade, comfortable and cozy. Get inspired by the four Color palourFutures 2019 through this link that uses Spiced Honey as the main color in a variety of different styles and interiors

Green with Envy

Get the room your relatives crave with bold green. While the jewel green color chooses the color that is commonly used to create a romantic atmosphere, its use gives a unique boho-eclectic style to your home. When paired with shades of wood and a variety of plants, you will certainly find a love of the surrounding nature without having to go outside. Tip: Use several different light sources in one room. Avoid using a bright light source above your head. This helps to understand the point in the room, creating depth and a romantic atmosphere through the play of shadows.

Velvet Swooning

It’s time to try different things and amaze everyone! Using Dulux Ambiance ™ Velvet, which is inspired by luxury and delicate fabric, is the easiest way to bring an elegant touch to your wall. As part of the Dulux AmbianceTM Special Effects cat series that offers a variety of finishes and unique textures, Dulux Ambiance ™ Velvet comes in 91 different shades. Starting from a warm style for a rich and comfortable atmosphere, to a cool style that is able to give an elegant feel. Certainly makes you more amazed.

Tip: If you are not sure of the suitability of the selected paint color with furniture in your home, just download the Dulux Visualizer application to see the color preview display on the wall before starting the painting process.

Cocoons Fall in Love

If you enjoy talking with your loved ones, this warm and attractive color palette is the right choice. The combination of pigment-rich colors with simple wooden furniture, wicker baskets and pottery can create a comfortable space for everyone. Use this color palette in the kitchen, where you and your family will often spend time cooking and spending together.