Design ideas & drawings for Girls’ bedrooms

Design ideas & drawings for Girls’ bedrooms

Designing a bedroom is easy and difficult. Each room has its characteristics depending on the occupants. The parent’s room is different from a child’s room. Likewise, the girls ‘room and the boys’ room. The description this time will discuss the details of a child’s room design specifically for girls. How to design a girl’s room?


Is the point before designing. Royal princess themes, favorite cartoons, dolls, or dominant flowers are chosen by girls.


The important color determines whether or not in the room. Choose cheerful colors such as pink, yellow, orange, or navy blue or combine them to appear lively.


To make it easier to buy a package of 1 set consisting of a bed, cupboard, study table/dressing table, and drawers. We only need to add a few additions to reinforce the theme.

Decoration / Makeup

Aims to reinforce the theme. For example, by adding wallpaper or special stickers on the closet. This method is fairly practical and beneficial because it can be replaced when you are bored. Girls have nature more than calm and obedient they will tend to follow your wishes. Even so, invite your little girl to discuss things over and arrange the room to make it more fun.

Minimalist girl’s bedroom

Broad limitations are not an obstacle to obtain a comfortable and elegant room design. It’s just a matter of tricks to make the illusion wider, saving space and furniture to store goods creatively. The key is in the arrangement of the room, coloring, lighting, furniture selection, and accessories. In a moment the minimalist room will be different.


Rooms with limited land do not use many colors. It’s easier to look more dense and compact. Use neutral colors like white, pastel, light blue, and beige on the walls of the room. Not only convincing, but these colors are also proven to give a broad effect on the room.


Choose a theme, for example, Hello Kitty. Soft pink combined with white is still suitable for a minimalist room. Give a touch of style on the carpet, bedcover, or curtains to animate it. If still not add to the wallpaper or wall makeup.


It is important to measure the size of furniture such as cabinets, study tables/dressers, and beds for minimalist rooms. Do not let the size of the bed occupy most rooms. Choose a single bed. No need to buy a bed with lots of ornaments that are difficult to move, move, or move. Squeeze the bed against the wall to save space. The advantage of a single bed is that the design is timeless so it can still be used when the child is growing up.


Helping the good makes the room look spacious. Even though it looks attractive, avoid using lights in the discotheque which will only make the room look cramped. Eliminate the black parts outside with sufficient light from inside or outside. Besides the sunlight also helps kill germs and bacteria in the room.


Put / hang a large enough mirror size, for example, 50×75 cm on the bedroom wall. A dressing mirror is used in the interior to make the illusion of the room appear larger.

Sliding door

Use the sliding door. Ordinary door. This door model creates a broad impression when opening or closing the door is not collected.