Door Type Selection Factors

Door Type Selection Factors

The choice of the type of door in the building is important, because the door is the main access to the entry and exit of someone into a room. Of course this is all you accept.

1. Pay attention to the Door Design

The first factor that you must consider is related to the door design. One of the characteristics of a simple minimalist home is that it has a plain design with a combination of several motifs that are not too glamorous. For the top decoration by combining a flat line and also upright.
In addition, another design that will make the door look more attractive is when holding the door. There are several types of door handles that you can find. Some of these types include silver, metal, and also iron. Also, choosing a door handle made of aluminum can also be one of your best choices. Even so, not a few people also choose to use door handles made of wood.

2. Pay attention to the Door Model

The second factor you should also know about door models. For the minimalist door models used in homes. One door is leafy and the second is door two. Therefore, you do not adjust the door model that you will choose with the concept of your home. In addition, if we look in terms of how to open it, then there are two types of ways to open the door. The first is supported and the second shifted. Maybe later you can adjust every room in your home that really needs to be given a door.

For those of you who want to choose the type of door for your home, it is necessary that the door you choose is in accordance with the concept of your home. That way, your compilation has made the door at home, then the minimalist look will be thicker and will make it easier to be attracted to your home.

3. Wood

One of the materials in building an important house is wood. When you choose a door made of wood, this will increasingly require the minimalist home concept that you apply. In addition, choosing a door made of wood can also prevent your door from termites and will also make the door to be more durable.Below are some tips that you should get to get the highest quality doors:

• Choosing meranti wood which is indeed one of the most sought after types of wood.
• If you want to use a door with minimalist doors, then a teak door can be your best choice.
• You can also choose trambesi wood because it has strong materials which are not only used for doors, but also for roof trusses and furniture.

• In addition, you can also choose iron wood, merbau, and also bayan wood which are of good quality.

4. Choosing Door Textures

Choosing the texture of the door is also one of the most important things that determines whether your house consistently applies minimalist and classic styles or not. For the door that you will use in your minimalist home, we recommend choosing a door with a soft texture and with a carving of rigid and flat lines. The combination of these two things if you use it on your door will really give a minimalist impression. Plus if you choose a door with natural paint, it will also make your home have a rustic concept.

5. Choose the Color of the Door

Actually, for the upholstery on the door for your minimalist home is not limited in color or type of upholstery. In addition, you can also adjust the door leaf with wall paint that is used as the basic color of your home. Some door colors that you can choose include white, gray, and brown. And for those of you who want to add focus to the door of your house, then you can give a touch of red and yellow which will give a bold impression. You can also adjust the color selection of the door to the wall of your home.

6. Purchase Budget

The issue of funds is also a problem that you should pay attention to when you buy or make a door for your minimalist home. Maybe for those of you who have a large budget, it will not be a hindrance even if you buy the door at exorbitant prices. However, for those of you who have limited funds, of course you have to really choose the door that fits your budget.

The point is the simpler the model and quality of the door material you choose, the lower the budget or funds you have to spend to buy it. But the most important thing is that you have to adjust to your needs.