Economical Ways to Build a Two-Storey House with Steel Construction

Economical Ways to Build a Two-Storey House with Steel Construction

What is a quick solution for economical ways to build a two-story house with steel construction?

Steel has a characteristic that is more favorable in the construction field when compared to concrete materials. As in the case of manufacture, steel material is made through a factory, so that the quality and size of one profile with another can be controlled. Besides the specific gravity of the steel is lighter when compared to concrete. So it can be beneficial because it can reduce the weight of the whole building later and also, in the end, can also reduce the burden of earthquakes that occur.

Economical Ways to Build a Two-Storey House with Steel Construction

The Advantages of Using Steel Construction

Steel construction is a new method used to build two-story houses. Because many have advantages, so many people prefer to use steel construction to build a two-story house. To find out more about the strengths of steel construction, here are some advantages of steel construction for building two-story buildings:

• Speed

An economical way to build a two-story house with steel construction, in terms of its workmanship, steel construction is faster and more effective and more practical when compared with cast concrete which requires a relatively longer molding and drying process. So it can be ascertained that the steel construction process is several times faster when compared to cast concrete which takes longer.

• Strength

For the strength of steel construction, its strength is undoubtedly compared to the strength of concrete construction. However, if calculated carefully and also in accordance with the rules of the applicable standards, the strength of steel construction is the same as the strength of concrete construction. But again, everything has advantages and disadvantages to each – one.

• Investment Value in Buildings

Using steel construction for your home building is very profitable for you. If the building is demolished after 20 years, it will still have a high sale value when compared to cast concrete construction, which of course requires costs for the demolition process and also the disposal of building debris, so it is costly and cannot be used as an investment.

• Save cost

Using steel construction also saves costs and is more efficient when compared to cast concrete construction. If in concrete construction using boards to build concrete poles, then in steel construction these boards are not used, so they can be more efficient and certainly save costs.

Low-Cost Solution How to Build a Two-Storey House

To elevate the building or for a two-story house building, a combination of steel construction and AAC floor panels is very appropriate. The right combination between steel construction and AAC floor panels which functions from the steel construction itself is a ring beam or column, while the AAC floor panel functions as a floor construction which will later be placed at the top of the steel construction.

The process of construction to raise a house or build a two-story house will be faster by combining two steel materials and AAC floor panels. Using steel construction and AAC floor panels do not require a long time in the process of drying later, besides using steel construction and floor panels can minimize time and also save costs.

For other processes such as tile or ceramic installation, wall plastering and also walls can be done directly. So that it can be ascertained in the process of building a house or building can be done quickly and takes a long time of course.

Types of Steel Profiles Often Used

The main priority to be able to carry out the right development and to be the basis for the main mission in government construction projects, the construction is needed in a sturdy, permanent, and also stable in terms of quality. Here are some examples of steel panels that are often used for building construction:

• Steel Wide Flange

This wide flange steel can be used for columns, piles, turning, top, and also bottom chord members in the truss, column or composite beam, canopy, cantilever, and so on.

• U Channel Steel

For the use of U channel steel itself is the same as the use of wide flange steel, except for use in columns, it is very rarely used because it will be much easier to experience curves. Another term for U channel is U profile, C-Channel.

• CNP steel (Lipped Channel)

CNP steel is usually used for roof beams or purlin cover, it is also used for girts, namely elements used for wall coverings such as metal sheets, in addition, CNP steel is also commonly used for members in the truss, and architectural component frames. Other names for CNP steel are C channel, purlin beam, c-channel, profile C.

• Steel H – Beam

Steel H bean is used for columns, beams, piles, top and bottom chord members in the truss, composite bean or column, cantilever canopy, and others. Other names for H beam steel are IWF, WF, UC H beam, UB, I beam, W beam, H beam

• Black Steel Plate

Steel plates come in a variety of standard sizes and levels to meet your requirements, both for direct use, fabrication or roll. Every steel plate product has gone through stringent quality dick protocol testing. This black steel plate is commonly used for making hull plates, making tanks, and also making other things.

 • Iron Elbow

Angle iron has two types, namely regular angle iron and angle hole iron. Elbow iron that is commonly used is iron isosceles, with sizes ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm. for ordinary angle iron can be used as structural steel or used for other uses, and the type provided is the type of equal angel and unequal angel. Whereas the iron elbows in the hole can be used for backrests, cabinet shelves, etc.

• Steel Pipe

Steel pipes are used for bracing both horizontally and vertically, secondary beams that are commonly used on roof trusses, architectural columns, architectural component support are usually used for expansion because they have artistic value with a cylindrical shape. Another name for steel pie is a steel tube, pipe

• Steel T – Bean (Hot Rolled)

T Beam is used in construction. T beam used is a load-bearing – the metal structure that has a shape like a T cross-section. At the top of the cross-section T functions as a flange to resist compressive stress. And while on the web the beams on the flanges function against tensile stresses as well as to provide pressure separators from the forces of curves. T beam steel is widely used for cantilever or canopy beams, floor beams. T beam steel is commonly referred to as the T beam.