Form a Simple House in a Beautiful and Beautiful Village

Form a Simple House in a Beautiful and Beautiful Village

Having a house in the village can be a special attraction for some people. Cooler weather, healthier air, and a non-polluted environment are a plus. Indeed, for the facilities available in rural and village environments are not as much and as complete as in the city, but this can provide peace for those of you who are happy with a more relaxed and peaceful life. Not only the environment is simpler and more natural, the shape of the house is more commonly found in rural areas that are simpler and not higher like in urban areas.

Seeing the many home designs that are made in the village, there are differences, compared to the houses that are often found in urban environments. For example for varying sizes, ranging from less than 20 square meters to more than 200 square meters. For an explanation of the form of a simple house in the village further, let’s look at some of the shapes below!

Spacious Land Village House

The form of a simple house in the village requires extensive land. This can be used to build simple dwellings with large yards or build large houses. Houses in villages that have large land because the price of land there is still more affordable than the price of land outside.

Simple Minimalist House Form in the Village

Extensive land and easy to develop. In urban environments, the construction of minimalist homes is more complicated because they have to utilize a small space. With a large area, a house in the countryside can be designed with a minimalist design more easily. The form of simple houses in the village today is not only traditional design, but also has got a modern design from homes in the city.

One style that is preferred is a minimalist design. This presents a variety of modern dwellings, no less beautiful than houses in the city. Now in the countryside we can begin to find houses with upper-line designs like in the photo above. Many attractive and large windows become one of the characteristics of a minimalist design where a design such as making a tiny house look more spacious and bright.

Simple House Form in Modern Design Village

Home designs in the village now have a lot of modern designs as in the picture of a simple house in the countryside above. With many people from the area working to urban areas, and many urban residents who buy houses in the countryside, modern designs are widely adopted by simple houses in the village. The development of information technology also contributed to this.

Overseas villagers who wander influence the design of urban homes on the houses they build in the village. Because of this change, today’s rural homes are not just houses on stilts or joglo houses made of wood and bamboo. Many forms of simple houses in the village with house designs that are often found in urban areas.

Beautiful house in the village

You can still have a beautiful home even if the location you choose is rural or rural. An image that is identical to a village may be dirty, smelly, and dirty. But actually not so. The village environment is still more beautiful than the beautiful city. City and village, both have their respective beauty. Both have advantages that make it a comfortable place to live. In the neighborhood, you can create a simple house in a beautiful village like in the picture above.

The Form of a Simple House

A few years back in the 90s, there might be very few second-floor houses in the village or village. But with the passage of time and the increasing economic growth of residents, now there are more houses on the 2nd floor. But indeed many people who live in villages or villages do not want a second floor house because in the village the land is still wide and land prices are still cheaper. People in the village prefer to have a large one storey house compared to the second floor house.

However, some people in the village also prefer the form of simple houses with 2 floors, especially for people who have limited land. The form of a simple house in the second floor of the village has a simple design and tends to be uniform with the house around it. The tendency of houses in the village does have a uniform design. This is because rural residents in general do not hire the services of interior designers and architects. Residential and residential projects with contemporary modern designs are also mostly located in urban areas.

Simple dream house in the village

Building a house is one of the important things for someone. The desire to have a good house with attractive design is not only felt by residents who live in urban areas. Now many houses in the village have been built with interesting concepts. Now more and more rural residents are interested in building houses that have modern designs. In fact, homes with modern designs in the countryside can look more attractive than modern homes in cities. This is because the rural environment is more beautiful and beautiful than in the city.