Get to know the most appropriate type of house roof for residential

Get to know the most appropriate type of house roof for residential

In addition, by choosing the right roof design, you can get a greater level of protection according to the environment that you will occupy. Therefore, before you build a house it’s good to know the types and functions of the architecture of each of the following roofs!

1. Gable Roof

Maybe this one roof style is familiar to you, usually this roof is equipped with clay tile and coated with anti-moss. This roof design has a shape like the letter A. Its function is that if it rains then the water does not linger on the roof of your house which will cause seepage into the room. Such roofs are often found in tropical climates.

2. Flat Roof

Flat roof is commonly found in cities with a minimalist architectural style. Houses that have flat roofs are also commonly found on houses that have a height of more than 2 floors and on the rooftop can be used as a place of activity such as a clothesline or a place to relax. Even the roof that it uses is not tile, but with concrete. Although this roof is relatively easy and inexpensive in construction, but this model’s roof needs intensive maintenance, especially in the drainage section. This is done so as not to create puddles on the roof.

3. Hip Roof

Maybe this type of roof is a little hard to find in Indonesia. Because, this one roof functions as a barrier to wind and snow. On each side of the tip of the roof is jutting down so that the snow does not settle on the roof.
Through this roof design, the wind will blow around the roof, so that the wind strength will split and eventually reduce its strength.

4. Gambrel Roof

If you often watch American movies, they have a hut to place their horses or their cars. The warehouse house usually has a gambrel roof. Gambrel roof is a combination roof between gable and limasan roof. This type of roof can be identified by the presence of integrated windows and is part of the gambrel roof design itself.

5. Saltbox Roof

Yup, surely you remember the school days after seeing this one roof. In general, school roofs in use saltbox roofs. This one roof is commonly used in buildings below which have a large room or hall. In home design you can find it in the same house or the same complex and town house. Roof design like this is often associated with old Dutch buildings. Roof design like this can also be found in homes in British colonial times. Make the house more beautiful to enjoy every day with the best decorations here!

6. Mansard Roof

Mansard roof is mostly found in British and French housing. Its function is to make a room or attic in it. The shape itself is quite unique. If you know bucket hats, then the roof of the mansard is like that. Mansard roof is certainly very helpful if you live in an urban center with narrow land and require less space on it.

7. Skillion Roof

Typically, the top edge of the backrest design attaches to the vertical wall. In addition to the attractive architectural characteristics, the roof design of this house also flows water to only one place, usually to the side of the house.

8. Jerkinhead Roof

It does look a little complicated on the top. If you want to look luxurious then the Jerkinhead Roof is right for you. The combination of the design of the gable and hip will break the wind that blows on it. Apart from that, you can also make room in it or the attic. Even snow or rain will fall directly to the ground because each side is quite steep.

9. Butterfly Roof

As the name suggests this roof adopts from the shape of both butterfly wings that protect each body. Garbage or water that falls dotted on one side, namely in the middle. With this artistic design, your house will look much different from the others. One thing you should pay attention to is the drainage from the roof. In addition, you also have to have direct access to the roof so that you can clean and do regular maintenance. Because, the middle side of the roof is very important.

10. Bonnet Roof

If you live in a rural area that has a big yard then this one roof is suitable for you. This type of roof is a combined design of mansard roof and bucket hat. However, the difference is that this one roof has a wider angle than the mansard roof. In the middle of the roof can also be made attic so that it can add space. Big, beautiful and bright. Make the home page more attractive with selected sunflowers!