Lighting arrangement is an important factor that helps make the design of the house beautiful. Talking about lighting, of course it’s not just artificial lighting through lights. No less important is natural lighting. Abundant natural lighting in the house provides many advantages. The use of electricity becomes more efficient due to the reduced number of lights, as well as the lack of use of lights during the day. In addition to beautifying the residence with the concept of natural lighting, it is also a health solution. The following is a home design inspiration with natural lighting:

Always present a wide window on every floor of the house


To design a house with maximum natural lighting, make sure you present windows on each side of the house that requires more light. For example in the corner of the room or in the staircase area. You can choose a wide glass window model with enough openings so that sunlight can enter maximally and air circulation goes well.

Combine wide glass windows with white walls and ceiling

In addition to installing wide and high glass doors and windows, you can also design a room in your home with white wall and ceiling paint. The combination of natural light that enters a white room will maximize light and make the room look brighter than using lights. So the incoming light will be better if it is combined with white paint and can be more optimal than dark colors.

Skylight Roof

Try presenting natural lighting from wall elements through windows which are often called skylights. The skylight design allows the space to get natural light from the top of the room. Installing fixed skylights is very suitable to be done on the roof of the second floor as additional lighting to even see the view directly. The use of fixed skylights on the roof makes it more sturdy and rainwater is unlikely to seep in. Perfect view during the day and night.

Adapting the concept of a light house as a room design

Instead of using skylights, you can also replace your roof with a transparent roof. The transparent roof will certainly make the incoming light more leverage.
You don’t even need the slightest light during the day. You can also install a wide glass window to make it more total. Not only makes it bright, the design of this house will also make your home look fresher and feel like being outdoors.