How to Design a Small Kitchen to Look Stylish and Functional

How to Design a Small Kitchen to Look Stylish and Functional

With the right design concept and decoration style choices, a small kitchen can also be very functional and visually appealing. When you decide to have a small, very small, even mini or small house, it certainly has consequences for the size of each room which is also small and very limited. Call it the size of the kitchen or bathroom. These two rooms are usually always the smallest when compared to other rooms. Even so, the two rooms you cannot just ignore, especially concerning the concept of design and choice of decoration styles used. A small room does not mean that you cannot get decoration so that you can have a stylish and functional appearance.

Decorating a small room is not an easy job. This is also a concern and challenge for designers, decorators, and interior stylists in general. Designing small spaces that are functional and visually appealing is hard work. But that does not mean impossible. An area or small room can also still look stylish and functional with a few tricks in a particular decoration style. The thing to remember is what design elements and decorative elements must be considered and considered for use. Focusing on these things can help find the best solution on how to change a small room so that it can be maximized in everything. Here are some important things that you should pay attention to so that the small kitchen can have an appearance visually, without reducing its function.

1. Focus on Kitchen Equipment

Whatever the size, the kitchen still needs equipment that has the function to store, cook, prepare food, or other things. Refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, are some of the standard equipment that is commonly used. This equipment absolutely must be owned so that the function of this room can be maximized.

But the bad news, space limitations become a big obstacle when it will fulfill it. And with standard equipment available today, which does not pay attention to the size of the room, of course, the problem becomes even greater.

However, don’t worry too much. There is always a solution to end the design dilemma when applying an interior concept. Kitchen mini kitchen sets, for example, this could be one of the most practical solutions at this time that was deliberately designed and intended for a small-sized kitchen area.

2. Maximizing Storage

In a very small kitchen area, you must carefully utilize every available space. Design a storage area that can accommodate a variety of kitchen equipment, such as by utilizing the wall area. Never leave the kitchen wall empty without maximum utilization. Maximizing storage integrated with the room can make a small kitchen look very functional.

3. Kitchen Set Design

Kitchen sets may be available in various shapes and models. However, usually, this standard model will never be suitable for a small-sized kitchen. Make a kitchen set or kitchen cabinet that is adapted to the size of the room and the choice of home decor style as a whole. This is important because custom designs can adjust. And the balance between the choice of kitchen decoration style with other rooms must be obtained, whatever the situation.

4. Kitchen plus Dining Room

The kitchen area which is integrated and integrated with the dining room is another practical solution. Having a dining table that also functions as a table for preparing food and at the same time can be a dining table is the best choice. In addition to getting around the size of the room, this decorating decision is the optimization of the functions of various supporting equipment needed in the kitchen area.

5.Peninsula Kitchen Design, Functional Small Home Kitchen

In essence, when decorating a small room, the thing that must be the main consideration is always trying to avoid the temptation of having equipment, furniture, and items that are not needed. A small kitchen does not mean this area can not look stylish and trendy. It is simply a matter of design concept decisions and what elements and decorative elements must be used. And most important of all is, the small kitchen is also very possible to have an attractive appearance as well as functional.