How to make a simple home garden that is easy to practice

How to make a simple home garden that is easy to practice

It’s just that time and cost limitations make them undo their desires. In fact, there are several ways to make a simple home garden that is easy to practice. Confused by making a simple home garden that you can do yourself? Take it easy, in this article there are tips and ways to beautify your yard. Of course, many people want to have a residence that is decorated with beautiful yards and soothing eyes. However, sometimes the intention is hindered because they think that making a garden at home is a difficult thing. When in fact beautifying your yard is not a difficult case, even the tools needed are not many. You just need to mobilize ideas and creativity in beautifying your yard.

rather than getting confused, you better just refer to how to create a simple home garden below. Starting from tips before making a garden to how to care for you you can see. There is also a way to make a vertical garden that you can emulate. Is that a vertical garden? Find the answers below, yes!

Tips on Making a Simple Home Garden

There are a few tips you need to consider before beautifying your garden. What are those? Following the review.

1. Know the Climate of Your Home

Before learning how to make a simple home garden, it would be better if you know what your climate is like. You see, not all plants can grow well in all places. Could be, the plants that adorn your garden actually die or do not grow beautifully because the climate is not suitable. It’s too bad if that happens to your plants, right?

2. Select Plant Type

If you already know what the climate is like in your area, it’s time to choose the right type of plant. This relates to the theme of the park that will be created. For those of you who live in the highlands and want a yard shaded with flowers, choose the type of flowers such as tulips, zephyr lilies, bowl, etc. If you live in the lowlands with relatively hot weather, flowering plants such as roses, soka, lantana, etc., it is suitable for you to use as a reference for planting.

3. Consider the Area of   the Land

The yard area or house area is an important thing that you need to consider. If your yard is not very large, avoid planting too many plants. This will make your yard look messy instead.

4. Drains

No less important than the things above, making waterways also needs to be considered, especially during the rainy season. A good water channel in the park area is useful to ensure the rain water does not stagnate. So, your plants will not die easily.

Preparation Before Starting Making a Garden

Before getting creative with your garden, there are some important preparations that you need to pay attention to. So, later on the process of beautifying your garden will not be hampered.

What preparations are there? Check out the review below!

1. Define a Theme

Deciding on the theme of the yard you are going to make is certainly very important. If you want a simple front garden, reduce the size of large plants so they don’t cover your house. Determine if your garden will use soil, pots, or walls. The types of plants that will be planted must also be considered. Is it in the form of flowers, vegetables, or others. If you choose a flowering yard, what type of flower will you choose later? Is it seasonal, annual, or even mixed? Everything you have to consider carefully first.

2. Prepare the Tools and Materials

Before starting to organize the garden in front of the house, there are some tools and materials needed. The basic equipment needed is a hoe to condense the soil, a shovel is used as a tool to stir soil and fertilizer, a sickle functions as a trimmer of weeds, etc. For some materials needed are plants, gravel or rocks, pots, fertilizers, etc. Make sure you have prepared these things before starting to create a minimalist garden in a narrow or large area.

3. Determine the Position

Most types of plants, both vegetables and flowers, require direct sun exposure. Therefore, choose an area of   the yard which is always exposed to sunlight. To choose the most appropriate place, you need to carefully analyze your yard area. If you feel there is no location that is exposed to direct sunlight, choose a place that is at least exposed to a little sunlight and there is a water source nearby.