Important Tips to Clean and Repair Home Furnishings After a Flood

Important Tips to Clean and Repair Home Furnishings After a Flood

The flood that hit eventually left trash everywhere. No exception in the homes of the victims affected by flooding. Mother’s house is one of them? Surely you need extra energy, Bun, to restore the house clean as before. Especially when cleaning the walls and fixtures, which usually get exposed to mud and soil.

1. Check the electricity around the house

After the evacuation, do not let the family return home. Ask your husband to check the electrical wires that are falling, loose and exposed to water. Also, check the gas lines, crack foundations or wood that might collapse. If electrical power is not operating, a good idea is to turn off the main fuse and all individual fuse connections. That way, if power is reactivated, electricity is not at risk of being hit by standing water

2. Check roof damage

Next, check the roof! If you see water spots, it can be an indication of roof damage. In addition, problems with walls and floors must be dealt with professionally. Oil-contaminated items must be disposed of immediately.

3. Clean up quickly

After the flood recedes, it should immediately be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the appearance of mold. It is very important to dry items that are flooded with water. Ranging from furniture to small trinkets at least 48 hours after the flood. Start by opening the window and using the fan to dry the inside of the house.

4. Clean the carpet

Take off the carpet soaked in water and clean it with professional services. The carpet and the cushions underneath that were submerged in water could not be cleaned as before. As for carpets that are only partially wet, they can be cleaned with a vacuum to remove as much water as possible. You can also rinse the carpet with extraction cleaners, also known as steam cleaners. After cleaning and drying it, spray with disinfectant liquid, such as Lysol.

Launch, the disinfectant fluid helps stop the growth of diseases that cause microorganisms to carry in floodwater. Cleaners, such as powder and liquid detergents, are cheaper than aerosol products. This is a worthy choice, considering the vast area of   the house that must be cleaned.

5. Clean the furniture

Bring wooden furniture out of the house. Remove the drawer and wet parts. After that, rub or wash the dirty furniture with a cloth that has been dipped in soft soap and water solution. Use a cloth that has been dipped in clean water to rinse it. Then dry in the direct sunlight. While damaged mattresses must be discarded immediately.

6. Clean household appliances

Look closely at the toaster, if there is a torn cable. As for the refrigerator and washing machine, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

7. Wash clothes twice

For washable fabrics, wipe off with a stain-detergent powder. The detergent powder works well for removing clay and dirt, which contains floodwater. For the first laundry use cold water, to clean the stain. In re-washing, use safe hot water for clothes with powder and chlorine detergent or clothes bleach. Dry all clothes until Mother is sure to be free of stains caused by floodwater.