There are several types of kitchens that we can choose according to the shape of the available land. However, if the kitchen space we have is not too large, long and careful consideration needs to be made so that cooking activities are more effective without damaging the visual aesthetics of the home interior. The following are some kitchen designs for more effective cooking:

1. Two areas for two functions

The first design is a two-dimensional kitchen which is divided into two areas for two different purposes. The area to the left is used as a sink and stove. While the area to the right serves as a place to place cooking utensils. It can also be used to slice food ingredients, mix seasonings, or stir cake dough before putting it in the oven. In this way food ingredients can be kept clean because soap is not splashed from the sink.

2. The kitchen table is beautiful and strong

Granite is known for its strength against heat and splashing water. The appearance does not disappoint either. The idea of making kitchen cabinets that are the same height as a human is a smart idea. You don’t need to worry about the cabinet doors being easily damaged by splashing water from the sink, because they are made of glass and wood which are water resistant and easy to clean.

3. A touch of simplicity

In narrow spaces the presence of windows can help visually expand the room. The window frames painted green are the center of attention, so people don’t notice how cute this kitchen is. Modern furniture and rustic flooring is a combination that makes this kitchen attractive in a simple way.

4. Integrated with the dining area

The long table that coincides with the dining table functions as a delivery area, where we can put cooked food here to be eaten by family members who are waiting at the dinner table. It is suitable for you and your family who like to eat hot food as soon as it is removed from the stove.

5. White and clean

Some people consider the use of white for the kitchen less than ideal considering that white looks dirty faster than other colors. This kitchen designer offers a solution by using gray for the backsplash and countertops. Hanging cabinets also serve as nests for lamps.