Make Cafe Interior Design with Low Cost

Make Cafe Interior Design with Low Cost

Making a cafe interior design with low cost is often targeted by prospective cafe owners. Because as we know, that to start a place of business requires a lot of costs. For this reason, the existing budget is more prepared to cover operational costs for a certain period. As a result, the cost of making interior design is reduced or not a priority.

Lots of interior cafe design concepts that have been applied, ranging from minimalist, rustic, classic, to modern. Many creative young designers create a variety of interior cafe concepts with very interesting, combining simple details. Whether you realize it or not, an attractive cafe interior design will help the development of your business in addition to the service, appearance and taste of food, prices, promotions, and other factors. Therefore, it helps you pay attention to the following tips so that your cafe can become a new magnet in the fierce business cafe competition.

Target market observations

For those of you who are currently planning to open a new cafe, the first thing you must pay attention to is the target customer that will be targeted. The modern and minimalist cafe is perfect for customers who are young at heart, who need a place to gather with friends their age. But if your target customer is a family, you should create a more homey, warmer concept, with a larger table. Some cafes even make a sitting room so that the atmosphere feels more family.

Determination of these marketing targets will greatly assist you in determining the design that is most suitable for your cafe. This is one of the keys to success to develop the cafe business that you make. The more the number of customers, then your cafe will also be more famous and the benefits obtained are also increasing.

Use the internet as your reference in exploring your target market and get some examples of cafe interior design ideas that are currently trending. It’s a good idea to consult with an interior contractor about the design, technical implementation, to the estimated costs needed.

Determine Cafe Interior Design Concepts at Low Cost

After making observations of the target market, it’s time you determine the theme of the cafe. With the increasing number of similar cafes and restaurants, you should create a unique theme and make your cafe different from other cafes. Use your own creativity to give your cafe a personal and unique touch. There are tons of cafe themes that you can apply, ranging from natural themes, open space, homey, office, casual, minimalist, traditional, classic, rustic, chick, open space, and others. Customize the theme of the cafe with the target market and cafe food menu.

Cheap and Appropriate Cafe Interior Design

When you first enter the coffee shop, the thing that is noticed by the customer is the interior design. How the impression that is displayed will greatly affect the customer, if the first impression is good or even very good, then we can be sure that he will come back again later. Things to consider in designing a cafe interior is customer flow. At this point it is recommended to regulate the entry and exit of customers, starting from the ordering process, seating, until the exit. By paying attention to these points, the flow of visitors will remain awake and will not be jammed at a certain point so as to make it uncomfortable. And with a little extra, this customer flow can be a marketing strategy to increase the sales turnover of other products, known as cross selling / up selling. Provide a promotional area for your products, so customers get to know more about what you sell.

If possible, you can put an attractive menu display so that visitors know what types of food and drinks are provided at your restaurant. The most interesting display can be miniature or dummy. Can also use photos of your cafe food or drink menu.

Don’t forget to make a characteristic or accent on the interior of your cafe. Can the mascot placed in the front area of the entrance or near the cashier and promotion area. For example in the form of a display wall that can be used as a place to take selfies, so customers can post photos on social media. Or the shape of the ceiling with a unique decorative lights. Can also be a colorful tile floor or give the impression of the past. Well, unique things like this will make your cafe more memorable.

Determine a Budget for Furniture

The choice of furniture shape also adds to the uniqueness of the interior design of the cafe. Minimalist tables and chairs with matching colors with a cafe theme can produce a beautiful effect for the room. For added convenience, the table and chairs can be placed near the window. Or if it is not possible you can create a small garden inside the cafe complete with ponds and good lighting so the atmosphere remains comfortable.

Furniture is not limited to cafe tables and chairs. The entrance to the cafe is made wide can be a special attraction so that people feel like entering into it. Don’t forget to make interesting decoration. A unique cashier or display table can also help retain your customers. If possible, multiply using transparent glass so that customers can enjoy the view outside your cafe.