Minimalism in Design is also in Cost

Minimalism in Design is also in Cost

First, know what the minimalist architecture is. Minimalist architecture is an architectural style that emphasizes simple design elements, without using a lot of ornaments or decorations. Minimalist architectural style is believed to show the “true essence of architecture”. That is, because the design is “minimal” so that it can show the essence of architecture itself.

It should be understood, minimalist architecture has several characteristics, namely only designing essential architectural elements / essential, making simple designs and having the impression of “clean”, and thirdly is a design pattern that tends to repeat itself so as to produce an orderly and harmonious impression.

Minimalist house design

Then, how to design a minimalist house? The minimalist architectural style can be applied to the Friends of Narrative home through various ways, ranging from the floor plan, the furniture, to the colors / textures that exist in the house.

A minimalist house plan usually has an efficient, uncomplicated, and simple arrangement of space. Open floor plans, simple forms, and attempts to incorporate natural light usually appear in minimalist house plans. Existing furniture in a minimalist home is also not much; usually there is only furniture that is important. The colors that exist in the house with a minimalist style are also neutral colors, with textures that are not much / limited.

Although it displays a “simple” impression and not much ornamentation or decoration, in fact most furniture to support a minimalist home interior design offers a more expensive price than an ordinary / traditional home design. The reason, the impression of “simple” and “clean” that wants to be displayed in a minimalist home apparently requires extra material to cover the details that appear. In addition, sometimes the furniture in a minimalist home uses a multifunctional type, such as low window glass.

Tips on Reducing Costs in Designing a Minimalist Home

Well, then how to reduce costs if you want to make a minimalist home design? Actually, there are several ways to reduce costs in designing and building a minimalist home. Narration Friends can consider the following ways:

First, choose material that is easy to install and maintain. Easy installation will reduce the cost of labor, because installation of materials / furniture does not require professional services to do the installation. In addition, materials with easy maintenance will also help reduce future maintenance costs. For example, Narration Friends can use plywood or gypsum which tends to be easier to maintain and install. Also, try not to use ceramics on the entire bathroom wall. The impression of “clean” can still be obtained through the color game. Don’t forget to also consider the climate in which to build a house, yes!

The second way, is to use details that are not too complicated on furniture. The impression of “crisp, clean, and simple” from a minimalist style is not only obtained from furniture whose connections are invisible, or from drawers without handles to open them. Narration Friends can examine the existing furniture choices, and adjust to the color / atmosphere / concept desired at home. The more complicated the completion of a furniture, the more expensive the price.

Interior Design with a Minimalist Style

Third, look again at the main principle of minimalist design: “less is more”. Is the furniture that we buy is already in accordance with what we need, or just interested because the furniture looks “good if placed at home”? Is the floor plan made right up to its space requirements, or is there actually still room that can be reduced? Or do dining rooms, kitchens, and family rooms need to be separated from walls or with partitions? many aspects of the house that can be applied with the principle of “less is more”. However, do not forget, not to sacrifice the comfort of a Narrative Friend as a user huh! Home and furniture that is designed in a minimalist style does have its own charm. Simplicity and reduction of design elements that do not need to make minimalist home designs much-loved. However, whether or not the house is cheap, whether or not it is comfortable, can be determined by us. How faithfully we apply the principle of “less is more”, both in design and furniture so that it can affect the cost of spending. Minimalist home design is also an answer for Friend Narration who only budgeted the cost of building a “minimalist” house.