More Expensive Property, Following Tips for Buying a Dream Home!

More Expensive Property, Following Tips for Buying a Dream Home!

When discussing basic needs, the house or residence certainly occupies the top position. Because it is undeniable that in order to live, humans need what is called a place to live. Especially for those who are married, the house becomes an important need and the main focus if you want to run a more prosperous life. With the increasing human population, the demand for shelter continues to increase. In its development, the place to stay was even more varied, not just home. At present the lifestyle of vertical dwellings such as apartments, condos to flats is the choice especially in urban communities because of limited land. Even so, everyone would agree that the best place to live is a house that can be tread on and has a yard. It’s just that house prices are increasing every year because of land prices.

The price of a house that is increasingly expensive, obviously inevitably makes someone, especially those who want a family, have to try harder. Luckily there is such a thing as a subsidized house from the government that helps Indonesian people to have affordable homes. The program, which has been running since 2015 throughout Indonesia, is even targeting to build up to 1.25 million housing units in 2019. But the increase in the number of subsidized houses is apparently followed by an increase in prices as well. If the price of subsidized houses just goes up, of course non-subsidized houses will also soar. This fact clearly makes the desire to buy a house today requires more effort. Even though the scheme of buying a house can be in installments, still prospective buyers must conduct financial management appropriately. Well, for those of you who want to buy a house, the following tips can be applied so you can have a dream home.

1. Location and Facility Considerations

This is the first tip that you must pay attention to when you want to buy a house. Yes, every prospective home buyer must consider the location and facilities offered by the developer because this has a long-term effect. A small house located in the city center with a very strategic location and near public facilities such as malls, hospitals, schools and markets certainly have more expensive prices than large houses in the suburbs and near the forest.

Similarly, if you buy a house that has been provided with complete furniture, the price is certainly more expensive than a vacant house. But this location consideration can also be linked to long-term investment. Let’s say you buy a big house at an affordable price on the outskirts of the city, but the area of ​​the house has the opportunity to develop within the next 5-10 years so that home prices will soar.

2. Manage Expenditures

These are the tips that must be done if you really want to buy a house that is arranging expenses. As you know, house prices are getting more expensive so it takes a strong will and determination to live frugally. If you usually eat at restaurants or cafes every day, change that lifestyle by cooking at home. With a simpler lifestyle, you will have more savings and can immediately buy a home.
While for those of you who are already married and buy a house through mortgages, of course have to reduce a lot of unnecessary expenses. Consider consumptive spending by putting more emphasis on what is needed, not what is desired. Simple actions such as electricity savings, online shopping savings or collection purchases do not need to be a consideration so that the monthly installments for the house remain safe until the loan tenor is over.

3. Determine the type of house as needed

Tips that are quite important when wanting to plan a home purchase is to determine the type. As you know, house building has various types. Home developers in Indonesia usually offer houses starting in types. The numbers in this type refer to the area of ​​the house, so if you choose a house with type 21, it means the area of ​​the building is 21 square meters.
Because of the limited area, houses with type 21 usually have dimensions of 6 × 3.5 m, 3x7m or 5.25x4m. Building houses with type 21 are often found in subsidized housing projects because the price is quite affordable. The larger the type of a house can be ascertained if the building is also more extensive, but of course the more expensive. For newlyweds or millennials who want to have a private home, type 36 is recommended because it is not too expensive and the building area is quite spacious.

4. Looking for Additional Income

Feel that your income is not enough to buy a house or it takes a long time for savings to accumulate? Maybe you might consider looking for additional income. If you already have a permanent job, do some side jobs on weekends that are not too heavy, but can provide decent results. Try to pursue a hobby like photography or writing that can become a promising income field.
But in doing this additional work you have to be really wise because don’t let the main work get interrupted and instead it will get worse. While for those of you who are already married, you might be able to offer work to your partner. Businesses such as online shops or freelance writers to sell credit can be chosen as a housewife (IRT) because it is quite light because it can be done at home while watching the baby.

Although simple, some of the above businesses can even provide satisfactory results. Isn’t it much more fun if both husband and wife help each other financially? With this additional income, the desire to immediately collect savings for the sake of a dream home will be realized faster.