Motif Wallpaper Wall that Can Be a Choice

Motif Wallpaper Wall that Can Be a Choice

Many ways you can do to beautify the interior appearance of a room, because basically the color of the wall paint alone can create a different atmosphere, for example the green color that can make a cool impression. Especially if coupled with the motif of wallpaper walls with matching patterns, decorations and colors will certainly make someone feel at home for a long time in a room. The variety of colors and patterns from a variety of wallpaper motif design choices will be able to make the room look alive and not seem monotone.

What is a Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a type of decoration used to cover the walls of a house, office or other building. This wallpaper is included in one aspect of interior decoration.

Wallpaper walls are sold in units of roll. Installation using special wallpaper glue. There are three types of wallpaper, namely:

• Patterned plain that has a function as a ‘paper layer’ so it can be painted;

• Wallpapers with textures and pattern designs that repeat regularly;

• Wallpaper that is set only one sheet that has been adjusted to the wall area.

Benefits of Wallpaper for Interior Design

 Maybe all this time we all do not know more deeply about the advantages of using wallpaper / wallcovering.

1. Wallpaper is easy to clean from stains or other dirt by using foam / cloth.

2. Wallpaper paper is made of thick finyl material so that it has a durability of up to 10 years and the color remains fade.

3. Wallpaper makes a small space appear larger with appropriate patterns / motifs.

4. With a wide choice of motifs and colors make the room seem exclusive and provide a cheerful mood.

5. Develop children’s thinking power (with typical patterns / drawings for children for children’s room).

6. Wallpaper can cover uneven wall surfaces, cracks in walls.

7. Wallpaper has a texture of embossed motifs or (emboos) that is quite interesting and become its trademark.

Design Motif Wallpaper Wall that Can Be a Choice

Many factors can be influential when talking about choosing a wallpaper design, for example from the colors, motifs and costs required. In choosing wallpaper brands for home walls, consumers are faced with a variety of brand choices with different color and design variations. In addition to calculating the costs needed, calculations are quite complicated. This resulted in consumers often having difficulty in choosing wallpaper. Here below is a choice of motif designs for wall wallpapers that you can choose to decorate the interior of your home or office.

1. Custom 3D Wallpaper of Nature Landscape Motif Walls

2. Wallpaper Motif Brick Wall

3. Plain Wood Motif Wallpaper

4. Wallpaper Florals

5. Bamboo Motif Wall Wallpaper

6. Wallpaper Natural Stone Motifs

7. Wallpaper Motif Lines

8. Wallpaper Motif Box

9. Wallpaper Motif Circle Polkadot Motif

10. Wallpaper Motif Wall Lines

11. Wallpaper of Batik Motifs