Planning The Home Landscape

If you enjoy such decorative items, they’re more appropriately positioned within the personal space of back yard. Brick is a beautiful paving choice and can be utilized for all paved surfaces. The color and texture of bricks impart visual warmth to the landscape and are applicable for both formal and casual styles. They could be laid in any of several patterns or can be used along side other paving supplies. Use the architectural character and building supplies of your own home that can assist you choose applicable paving supplies. If your own home is manufactured from brick, stone or wooden, try to incorporate the identical supplies in the panorama hardscaping.

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It is also desirable to offer some kind of safety from the elements. The overhead safety of a porch offers shelter from the rain. Also consider creating a sense of semiprivacy at the entryway.

A sense of enclosure can be provided by planting along the edges. However, pay attention to plant sizes and positioning — don’t make the error of screening the front door so that it is not seen from the road.

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Design For Low Maintenance

An attractive panorama is the result of cautious planning and application of panorama design rules. A specimen plant is a tree or shrub used as a focus because of its excellent ornamental characteristics. The difficulty in utilizing a specimen plant within the front yard is that it too simply becomes the first focus, drawing attention away from the entrance door. To avoid this, any specimen plant must be positioned near the door, so that the eye is led naturally from the plant to the door. Accent options act as focal factors or “visual magnets” to draw the attention of the viewer. As such, they should be considered as elaborations and used with restraint or not at all. Items similar to gazing balls, sundials, birdbaths, obelisks and statuary tend to distract the eye and lessen the unity and stability of the entrance yard.

The entry walk ends at the entrance door, usually meeting a small concrete pad or stoop that serves as an outside lobby or greeting area. It is so small that it does not permit people to face on it while the storm or display screen door is being opened without getting hit in the face or stepping away from the door.