Planning Tips on Building a House

Planning Tips on Building a House

Budget Plan

This is the most important point in planning to build a house. Your budget plan must be determined first because not everyone has unlimited budget capability. The budget plan is perfect for those of you who have fixed funds, mediocre alias. Then determine the beginning of the amount of funds that we will spend. As an illustration, how much cash money do you hold, soft loans, mortgages, etc. After you have your fund calculations, we will move on to the next stage.

Design Plan

If the budget plan has been prepared then you estimate what kind of building you want (modern, minimalist, mediteranian). Just browse the internet and look for interesting pictures as a benchmark. After getting a few pictures, please discuss with your wife, father, or family. Ask for input on the advantages and disadvantages of these types of houses. Don’t forget to also specify, do you directly build full finishing, fences, water reservoirs, heaters, parks, etc. (outside the main building) because it will have a major effect on budgeting.

Size of the House

To determine the size of the house we look at the total funds we will spend. As an example illustration below for determining the size of a house. for example the funds that we will spend is 300 million, then the first thing we calculate needs outside the building that I mentioned in number 2 earlier, such as Fences, Electricity, water reservoirs, parks, architectural drawing costs, etc. For example, for those needs requires a budget of 40 million. means we still have 260 million rupiah for the main building. take 80{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} of funds for the main building and 20{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} for the allocation of swelling costs (if you are a good planner, it can be 90{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d}, if you are in doubt and maybe 70{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} of the value of funds for the main building). means we get funding Before determining the size of your city / building, estimate how much it will cost. Maybe it can be asked to friends who are building. for information when I built in January – August 2011 the cost per m2 of the building was 2.3 million / m2 (the material is good in my opinion, frame + teak doors, american std, dulux paint, bricks, floor height to 4 meters, etc.). for example the cost is still 2.3 million / m2, then the size of the building that we will build is 90 m2

Architect image

After all of the above has been prepared, then the next step is to find an architect that you trust to apply everything you want into the picture. If you do not understand the building you should have to use an architect to apply your desires. The money we spend on architect fees is not wasted because all the details of development planning are in the picture. So to waste materials and dismantle pairs of building structures can be avoided. after the picture is complete, understand the contents in the picture properly, ask your architect if you do not understand the picture. better yet if you can afford to pay more for the architect by overseeing the process of building your home.

Looking for a Home Builder

Finding a handyman is usually quite difficult. ask a few friends about good handyman references. Especially if you don’t have time to oversee the fulltime process of building your house. find diligent, honest and capable craftsmen (masons, iron weaving, electricity, etc.) about their duties. Make sure he continues to work even if you are not watching. find a handyman who has 1 package with his head as a foreman. All your craftsmen must get to know each other so that work communication works well. The selection of craftsmen who are not good will make the construction process chaotic, your home does not match the picture, and of course the costs you incur are far more swollen.

Hunting Material

The first thing you should look for is the door frame +. Estimate the jamb is finished when the foundation of your house is finished. Installation of the best frame is in conjunction with the installation of brick. Next prepare the material to begin the construction of the foundation (stone, brick, cement, iron, sand, etc.). Look for material stores that provide the lowest prices around your residence. A little difference in price will be very meaningful because you will buy continuously in a large amount. buy materials for less than 5 days. if you buy material in large quantities at once, in addition to problems in storage, the quality of the material will also be reduced, especially cement. as tips from me for material sand, stone, wood, brick, buy in a special place the seller. do not buy at the material store, usually for these materials the quality is not good in the material store and the price is a little more expensive if buying at a material store.

Selection of Accessories

In addition to building materials (cement, sand, stone, iron, etc.), the selection of accessory materials is also no less complicated. The selection of closets, faucets, sinks, sinks, ceramics, natural stones, electric sockets, cables, down lights, garden lights, decorative lights, locks, handles, etc. is quite time consuming and costly. use your free time to walk to the supermarket building. compare the prices of materials you need in some supermarkets to find the cheapest prices (partners10, building bazaars, etc.). visit the place often. If you are lucky you can find the material you are looking for, there is a discount.