Recognize 5 Types of Floor According to the Condition of Your Home

Recognize 5 Types of Floor According to the Condition of Your Home

The floor as one part of the structure of the house has the main function of foot rests and the location of items in the house. However, as the development of interior design and development of building equipment, the floor is now not only part of the structure of the house, but also functions as an ornament ‘house with a variety of styles, textures, and colors. However, each type of floor still has advantages and disadvantages that are different. If you want a comfortable home, the suitability of the house floor with the characteristics of the room must also be considered. Curious? check here!

Floor tile

This floor is very common in Indonesia, especially in old houses. This floor tile is made using a mixture of cement and sand with a variety of colors and motifs available. In the market, this floor is often sold in sizes 30 × 30 cm or 40 × 40 cm. Floor tiles are very suitable for use in Indonesia because of Indonesia’s climate which tends to be bright and hot all year long, so this floor provides coolness indoors. In addition, the price is relatively cheap and the installation is quite easy. However, care must be taken because this floor will be difficult to clean if exposed to acid / vinegar.

Ceramic floor

Ceramic flooring is also the most used flooring material for people in Indonesia because it is suitable for the Indonesian climate and looks more modern. A wide selection of colors, sizes and ceramic motifs on the market make ceramic floors a favorite. In terms of workmanship, this ceramic flooring is cheap and easy to maintain because liquid or dirt won’t leave an impression.

For rooms that are often exposed to water such as bathrooms should use ceramics with a rough texture for the floor. As for the wall, you can choose as you wish. The drawback, this type of ceramic floor is easily broken if hit by a sharp impact and sharp objects.

Wood / Parquet Floor

Many people think that wood / parquet floors are very difficult to maintain. Even though the right way, wood floors / parquet can be the right choice for your home. Parquet flooring offers a natural elegance from the look of wood with a choice of brown to black.

Besides parquet floors are very suitable for bedrooms to provide a warm and intimate atmosphere. Even so, some of the weaknesses of this floor include scratches, not being able to withstand moist air or being exposed to water for a long time. Apart from that, in terms of price, wood floors are quite expensive,

Marble floor

Marble flooring is the right choice for those of you who want a luxurious look. The colors and motifs of marble floors available on the market are quite varied, but the price can be relatively very expensive because marble is formed from natural processes that take a long time.

The advantage, this type of floor is fire resistant and better able to withstand heavy loads. However, if exposed to colored liquids (coffee, tea, ink) will be absorbed and difficult to remove. Marble can also be mossy if exposed to sunlight continuously and the color can change. Therefore, marble floors are more suitable for interiors or inside houses such as living rooms or family rooms.

Concrete Floor

Nowadays, concrete floors are becoming increasingly used with the rise of contemporary interior design styles that have sprung up. In addition to its distinctive and modern appearance, concrete floors are also environmentally friendly. If you use this type of flooring, there are various kinds of finishing that can be done, such as glossy finishing with acrylic sealers for a modern look, or if you are artistic, you can pour your favorite colors on a concrete floor.

After choosing the type of floor that suits your home conditions and preferences, you can rent a floor installation service to help you. Professional and trusted flooring services will come to your house and fix it!