Simple Minimalist Living Room Design with Modern Concepts

Simple Minimalist Living Room Design with Modern Concepts

The living room in a house is like a face because every guest who visits our home the first time he visits and values ​​are the guest room. With the right arrangement, sofa selection, the application of wall hangings and the right color of wall paint will make the interior of a simple minimalist living room look modern and luxurious. The combination of the whole is something that is complementary and complementary, so that makes it look beautiful and beautiful.

Modern Minimalist Simple Living Room Interior Design

One design that is designed for a minimalist living room is a simple interior design with a modern concept slipped in. And to make it luxurious does not have to use expensive equipment or furniture. Because it can be engineered using homemade furniture that is unique and attractive. It can also buy it at a secondhand shop whose goods are still durable and well-maintained. Thus you are not too much on spending.

Here are some examples of minimalist living room interior designs:

Minimalist Living Room Design Size 3 × 3

This minimalist 3 × 3 size living room design still looks beautiful and attractive with basic brown room color and a very matching black sofa. The concept of arranging goods and lighting is so precise and measurable. Coupled with decorations in the form of paintings and decorative lights in the right position make it more perfect. This classic style minimalist living room looks so unique and attractive, a room that is not too large can be utilized to the maximum, a combination of wooden sofas and tables look so harmonious, coupled with comfortable carpeting for the footrest of the guests.

Simple Minimalist Living Room that Appears Modern

The minimalist living room that looks so elegant, the layout is so simple but neat and attractive, so the room which only measures 3×3 meters looks wider than the original. The design of the living room like this is very fitting and suitable for a minimalist home that has a room that is not too broad.

In addition to the minimalist living room design example above, you can also design a living room and family room to be one at a time. This can be an alternative to save space.Minimalist Living Room Interior Design

The minimalist living room interior design comes with a modern concept that seems luxurious, the minimalist room used becomes more spacious because of the right arrangement. The right interior design coupled with wall hangings and decorative lighting makes it look modern. The minimalist living room interior design comes with a very neat and orderly concept, the sofa and the floor have been arranged in such a complementary combination. The coloring and lighting of the room have also been arranged in a balanced manner, coupled with unique wall hangings and decorative lighting making it look beautiful and attractive.

Luxurious Living Room

The interior design of the living room and family is also as beautiful as the one above, using a creamy base color as the main concept of the sofa and the room makes this room look so elegant and beautiful. The living room and family design that comes with a more lively and luxurious concept, the basic colors and lighting of the room display an illusion of joy and deep intimacy. Although not much use of accessories, this room still looks beautiful and attractive.

Minimalist Living Room Sofa

The living room that is not too spacious will look beautiful and neat with the right sofa selection and arrangement. A minimalist sofa arranged with letter L with a table in the middle is a concept to arrange a narrow room to make it look wider.

Decorative Living Room Lights

Aside from being lighting, decorative lights in the living room can also enhance your living room. Choose according to your living room concept. Starting from the level of lighting, suitability with wall paint, lamp size, placement of lamps, and the shape of decorative lights that will be placed in your living room.

Minimalist Living Room Paint Color

Choose the color of your living room paint by adjusting the color of the sofa and other decorations. This becomes important because of the color of the sofa, wall hangings, lamps, and the floor will form colors that complement each other. The right color combination will make your living room beautiful and elegant.

Minimalist Living Room Wall Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an alternative to wall paint. If you feel bored with wall paint without motifs, you can switch to wallpapers that have more motifs and colors. In addition, its application is also simpler because all it has to do is stick the sticker on the living room wall. But still, need accuracy in installing so that the results obtained are perfect.

Minimalist Living Room Wall Decoration

In addition to paint and wallpaper, the living room will be more beautiful and beautiful with the addition of wall decoration. There are various kinds of wall hangings that can be applied, ranging from homemade wall hangings or buy them at home decoration accessories stores. Among the choices that can be used as wall hangings are floral patches made of paper, ornamental plants in pots, and pictures or paintings arranged in such a beautiful frame.

Minimalist Living Room Interior Arrangement

Here I will give tips so that the narrow minimalist living room feels more spacious, comfortable, and fun.

1. Use Cream Color or White

Design using beige or white paint will give the illusion of a room to look wider and eliminate the impression of cramped because the room is brighter and brighter.

2. Don’t Use Dark Colors

Do not use dark colors for a small and narrow room, black, because it will give the effect and illusion of the room look cramped and stuffy, not good for long-term psychological development.

3. Place the Furniture in the Wardrobe

Too much furniture will give the impression that the room looks cramped and cluttered. By placing the furniture into a cupboard can avoid the impression of the room looks cramped and messy.

4. Don’t overdo it in using accessories

Use only natural accessories to decorate the room, because if too much use of accessories will give the impression and illusion of the room look cramped and messy. If you need to add a mirror, besides being useful for guests it is also useful to provide a visual effect that is bigger than the original room.