Size of Concrete Iron For Building Structure 1 Floor House

Size of Concrete Iron For Building Structure 1 Floor House

Want to build a house and still confused about how much iron to use for the structure of the building? Concrete iron for home building structures must not be arbitrary. Because the building structure supports the founding of a house that distributes the weight of the house and its inhabitants.

Building iron for building structures

Having previously discussed the size of concrete iron with all its variants, now continue the previous information now discussing concrete iron as a building structure. Who doesn’t want a house? Surely everyone wants to have their own permanent home if it can even be made as grand as possible. Magnificent and sturdy houses need a good building structure measured and calculated carefully.

Concrete besin size for Sloof

In general, the building consists of: foundation, reinforcement / frame, horses and roof. To hold the roof and residents need a strong building structure. The use of concrete steel usually starts to be used at the most basic part, namely Sloof or binding beam. Its function is to equalize the burden received by each column. In addition to maintaining the wall remains strong when the foundation landslides. The size of the binding beam that is commonly used for house construction is 15 x 20 cm. the minimum size of concrete steel used is 10 mm as reinforcement, iron size is 8 mm and the distance between concrete is 15 cm.

Size of Concrete Iron For Columns

Column is a frame of reinforcement that connects sloof with ring. This column is the reinforcement of the wall. When you see the cast cast, there is an iron that is located between the walls of that column. The column for a simple house usually has a size of 15 x 15 cm. The size of the concrete as a main bone is 10 mm, size 8 mm. distance between bolts 15 cm thick cast cast 1.5 cm from the outer bolts.

The size of concrete steel for the Beams / Ring

Ring is a cast reinforcement cast that is above the wall supporting the roof construction. To make the ring has a minimum size of 12 x 15 cm. iron as the main bone size 10 mm, concrete iron as 8 mm bag and 15 cm distance between bolts. cast cast thickness from the surface of the outer bag 1.5 cm. That’s the recommended size of concrete iron for 1-story house building structures. For houses of 2 floors or more certainly have different specifications of concrete steel.

Hopefully the information above can be useful for those of you who are planning to build a simple 1-storey house.