Smart Tips for Choosing an Apartment for You

Smart Tips for Choosing an Apartment for You

For people who live or move in the middle of the city, living in apartment dwellings is often an option. Living in an apartment is often considered more practical. Moreover, apartments are usually located close to business and shopping centers, making daily mobility easier. No wonder the apartment is now increasingly in demand, especially with the various facilities offered. But, choosing an apartment should not be careless you know! There are several things that must be considered in choosing an apartment, especially for beginners.

1. Location

In choosing an apartment, the location of the building is the main thing that must be considered. Look for apartments that are close to shopping centers, hospitals, offices, campuses, and other public facilities. Not only that, make sure you choose an apartment with a location that is easily accessible by public transportation so that you do not bother mobilizing. If there are a number of apartments that are both strategically located, you can compare them again from the distance to public facilities, vehicle access, and the potential for congestion on the route around the apartment.

2. Search as needed

For beginners, there are 3 types of apartments that need to be known, namely full furnished (ready to be inhabited), unfurnished (no furniture at all), and semi furnished (there are several furniture). The size of the apartment should be considered before choosing an apartment. Starting from the 22 m2 studio, 1 bedroom 34 m2, and two bedroom 39 m2.

Do not let you choose an apartment that ‘wow’ just because of prestige, yes! It can actually be detrimental to yourself, especially in the financial. Look for the type of apartment according to your needs, not just based on desire.

3. Look at the facilities available

Of course we must pay close attention to all the facilities available in the unit before choosing an apartment.

For those who choose semi-furnished or furnished apartments, make sure the facilities available in the unit are still in good condition, safe, and comfortable.

In addition, also take your time to pay attention to supporting facilities such as sports facilities, banks, supermarkets / minimarkets, and so on. This is important you know to support your daily activities!

4. Consider the rental price

Consider the rental price carefully before choosing an apartment. Consider whether the rental price is worth it with the facilities provided and strategic location.

Don’t forget to also calculate the cost of building maintenance and other bills that must be paid outside the rental fee.

If you want more savings, rent an apartment directly in a year.

There is no budget for direct rental a year? Search for your favorite apartment in Rukita. Apart from being able to pay monthly, the rental price is also all-in and there are no additional fees.

5. Know the apartment rules

While living in an apartment, of course there are some rules that you must obey. Take a good look at apartment regulations, this is usually stated in the rental agreement.

If you have a pet, don’t worry! There are several apartments that allow residents to bring it. It’s better to ask before choosing your dream apartment!

6. Safety factor

One of the plus points of living in an apartment is that there are tighter security facilities. However, you also have to consider the security conditions around the apartment environment, you know!

Before choosing an apartment, find out about the security services that you will get at the apartment. Also make sure the apartment’s CCTV is functioning properly to monitor environmental safety conditions.

7. Care of the apartment

Prospective residents of the apartment must know about the level of cleanliness of the unit. Usually, cleaning services are definitely provided, but it doesn’t hurt if you pay close attention to every corner of the room.

You can also use maintenance services if you are busy and can’t clean the room. Make sure your apartment’s cleanliness is maintained so that it is always comfortable huh!

8. Parking lots

Don’t ignore the parking lot when choosing an apartment. Especially if you use vehicles in everyday mobilization.

Choose an apartment that has adequate and secure parking, with affordable monthly fees. If not, you might be inconvenienced while on the move while living in the apartment.