The Best Minimalist Home Roof Design Architecture Options

The Best Minimalist Home Roof Design Architecture Options

The roof of the house is one part that has a very important function in housing. The roof is able to protect people who are in the house from various things, especially rain and sun. It should be noted if you choose a house design that builds both one-story and 2-storey houses have their own roof design. This will make it look cool and beautiful from rarely near or from a distance the house looks beautiful. The roof design you have or will start to build the roof of the house requires a mature concept in choosing the design first.

The Smart Way to Choose a Minimalist Roof Home

Choosing the design or shape of the roof of the house requires some consideration. Moreover, Indonesia is a tropical country that only has a rainy and dry season. However, lately due to changes in global warming or Global Warming makes sometimes unpredictable weather changes. Related to this, choosing the roof design of the house needs to be considered. So that our homes remain a safe and comfortable place for you and your family. Here are some smart ways to choose the shape of the roof of the house according to the best choices of the architecture.

1. See the state of the weather

Paying attention to the weather and temperature at which your house was built is the first factor that is recommended to consider before building your roof. This will have an impact on the durability and endurance of your roof in the face of weather in the area you live. This can be handled by choosing the type of roof in the form of a span of clay or from a relatively heavy material. Besides that, the shape of the roof that has two directions such as the roof design of a shield-shaped house or a flat roof design. The design is useful for the wind path so as not to take away the favorite roof of your home.

This type of triangular roof is the simplest form that can be applied in the design of your home. Where the shape consists of two front and back sides and can be shaped isosceles triangle or trapezoidal. The roof design of the house is suitable for this first condition.

A flat or slightly flat roof model is also a roof design that should be considered before building a house in an area that has windy weather. With a sloping roof that is able to make the wind pass through the roof of your house comfortably, so you don’t need to worry every time a strong wind hits. In addition, another benefit of the sloping roof is that if there is damage to your roof then the location of your damaged roof can be quickly identified so that, handling your roof becomes faster.

2. Roof installation that requires expert handling

On the market there are various kinds, types and shapes of roofs that can be obtained easily. Every roof installation is easy to install until the process that requires serious handling. When you want to build a roof of your house you should pay attention to make good planning before installing it. This aims to make the roof of your house not a disaster for yourself and your family. Therefore, when you want to plan the installation of the roof should choose a roof that is easy in the installation process, however, is still within easy reach of its maintenance.

Besides that, when going to do the installation of your roof there are things that need attention. Who installed the roof of your house? whether from ordinary people who do not understand the problem related to install the roof of the house or someone who is indeed an expert in roofing. By using experts such as housing builders or from the housing construction party will give a different impact when the person who installs the roof of your house is someone who is not an expert in house roofing.

This will have an impact in the long run that ultimately makes you have to spend more money on maintenance and repair of your roof. Therefore, you should choose a roof that is not too complicated in the process and not too dizzy in its design.

3. The thickness of the roofing material

Each type of roofing material has a different thickness – different depending on the material and shape of the existing roof. With the various types of roofs with all its advantages, we must make a selective selection before determining the type of roof that suits the shape of the house and the strength of the durability of the shape of the house. Look for materials that are not too heavy and not too light, in the sense when choosing the type of roof to use, please pay attention to whether the type of roof you are using is not a disaster for us. This is because, the selection of a roof that is not in accordance with the materials used for the roof of the house can damage the house itself and can harm the beloved family. So, think carefully about what kind of roof with a roof thickness that suits your home.

4. Product warranty and quality

Every buyer would want to get the best quality and quality for their home, both in terms of quality, service, to maintenance that does not require a lot of cost. In the market or media that you have been using, many products have been marketed for roof top models with various qualities and qualities. So, try to buy a roof model that has adequate quality and quality so that you have a manufacturer’s shop warranty that shows the quality of your roof is guaranteed

5. Consider the price

The roof design that you have is closely related to the various models, qualities, prices, and types. The model of the roof of a house that has a 1st floor and the roof design of a two-story house has its own price. So, choosing the design and model of the minimalist home roof that you desire needs to be adjusted to your budget.

If you can not determine from yourself or your family. You can ask for expert opinions from people who do have roofing capabilities such as contractors, architects, civil engineers. So, you do not need to bother in making the model of your roof.