These 5 Ways to Stay Relieved to Live in a Minimalist Residential

These 5 Ways to Stay Relieved to Live in a Minimalist Residential

The concept of a minimalist home has now become a common thing. Land prices continue to soar makes us have to think twice about buying a big house. The choice, minimalist home at a price that fits in the pocket. However, even though it is very small, it does not mean that comfort and freedom in dressing up your dwelling are taken away. The right home concept will make your minimalist home feel more comfortable, even has an attractive appearance.

One strategy that can be done so that minimalist land feels comfortable is to increase the area of   existing buildings by paying attention to the layout of the room and its functions. Make a list of spaces that you want to present in minimalist residences. The selection of this room can be opened in the workspace, such as a family room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Meanwhile, non-essential rooms can be put together with other rooms that still have similar functions, making it multifunctional, such as a living room with a family room.

One disadvantage of having a minimalist home is the selection of furniture that cannot be careless. The small size has become a special sorting tool for furniture styles. Minimalist house synonymous with simplicity. However, limited space is not an obstacle to making a minimalist home look beautiful. Many things can be done to juggle your minimalist home so that it looks charming. Here are 5 easy ways you can do to stay relieved living in a minimalist residence.

1. Use Custom Furniture

Various ways can be done to make a minimalist home stay comfortable. One way is to use custom furniture. The advantages of special furniture can be made as needed. Unlike the finished furniture, while the buyer must surrender to the existing one and sometimes it is right to the needs of the homeowner. By using custom furniture, you can arrange furniture with the shape or the rest of the land available at the residence

2. Present Skylights

Give a broad impression on minimalist housing can be presented in various ways. One way is to present a skylight, ventilation or opening element on the roof of the house that is used to increase the intensity of natural light into the room. Natural light entering through the gap in the roof makes a minimalist house feel brighter and more spacious. Skylights can be presented in the living room area, the size does not need to be too big, only 1m x 2m. However, the incoming light can make a minimalist home look more spacious.

Besides being healthier, the application of glass windows on the roof also uses electricity in minimalist residences. Try to install skylights in minimalist residences, tilt position 2-4 degrees, so as to avoid the risk of leaking and heat. In addition to glass, you can use acrylic. Updated, skylights are installed using a roof support. For acrylic material, the usual roofing support is hollow iron.

3. Light with Color

Broad impression and apparently not only can be presented through natural light entering through the gap in the roof. So that the bright impression is not monotonous, you can apply bright colors on accessories in minimalist residences.

White published room walls can make you free to apply the colors on the trinkets you need in minimalist residences. For example, color sofas, pillows, carpets, and wall displays. Determine several colors that have a similar tone, then mix. The application of this bright color can be combined with natural light coming from various angles of space.