This is the Basement Excellence in Buildings

This is the Basement Excellence in Buildings

The term basement, usually refers to one or more floors that are partially or even completely under the ground floor of a building. Buildings with shallow foundations usually do not have basements. While they usually use this room as a place to store heating or air conditioning systems, garage, or as a warehouse. The word basement in English is used to describe basements in places, such as supermarkets or other high-rise buildings and is rarely used to describe basements in houses. Basements in the house are usually called cellars.

There are several structural designs for basement spaces, including:

1. Walk-out basement.

Basements like this are usually owned by houses located in sloping areas, to allow a portion of the basement space to be accessed from outside the house.

Meanwhile, other parts of the room can also be accessed from the floor of the house above it. This room is usually functioned as a garage, maintenance room, or even occupied as a room.

2. Look-out basement.

Usually has a wall that reaches the ground floor of the house. This allows those who are in the basement can still peek outside the house through the basement window.

3. Cellar.

Cellar is a type of basement that is usually used as food or beverage storage. This is usually intended to have a consistent temperature throughout the year, so that everything stored in it remains durable. Cellar is not a room that can be occupied by people in a state of standing and usually the floor is only in the form of soil.

4. Basement crawling.

Crawling basements are also usually only used for storage or as access to pipelines or electrical cables. For those of you who are interested in using basements in your home, there are several alternative basement function ideas that you can consider, for example making it an entertainment room containing game consoles with sophisticated audio-visual systems, as a sauna, spare bedroom, or even a bathroom new.