Tips for building a riverside safe house

Tips for building a riverside safe house

For those of you who live in big cities and other cities, it would be nice if you set up a building or house far from the river, because in the big cities the river is very dirty and smelly, so if you choose a house that is close to the river it will only interrupt your activities. Instead, choose a house that is quite far from the river.

But if you want a house that is on the edge of the river, then it would be nice if you choose a river that is still clean and natural, which is on the edge of the city. Usually there are many natural rivers that still have beauty and make our daily lives more enjoyable. Actually choosing to build a house that is along the river is a huge risk, you can get into various problems, especially if you do not pay attention to some mandatory things that must be considered by residents who live around the river.

Before building a house alongside a river, you should first consult with the architecture, so you can minimize what will happen in the future.

• Before you build a building, then choose the criteria for a safe river, for example, choose a river that has a small current, so you don’t need to be afraid in case of heavy rain, select the land that will make the house higher than the river, so that if a flood occurs then You will not be flooded, choose a river that has a wide enough width. Also choose a river that is still beautiful, clean, clear, and does not smell, so that your daily life can go well, you can also enjoy the beauty of the river from home.

• In addition to choosing a good river, you must also pay attention to the location of the house to be built. It is better to build a house on land or land that has a higher surface than around the river, it is better if your house faces the river, so the distance between the house and the river can be quite far and avoid various disasters, by having a house facing the river also minimizes garbage disposal to the river , so that the river around you will be more comfortable and clean.

• Around the river it would be nice for you to make a green garden, plant trees so that there are no landslides and rain water can hold water from entering the ground.

• Furthermore, to be able to enjoy the beauty of the river and its surroundings, then you should make your house two or three floors. On the second and third floors you can provide a special place to see the beauty of the river.

• Also make sure your house is safe from the sound of the river at night, or even the sound of the river flowing can be made melodious before bedtime.

• Actually there are many risks that could threaten you if you have a house along the river, you can be easily affected by floods and prone to landslides.

• However, if the surroundings of both upstream and downstream rivers are properly guarded, their environment will not occur. Life will be fun because the river environment is still beautiful and still cool.

• Aside from looking at the surrounding environment, when you choose the river bank to make a house, you must also pay attention to what materials you will use. It is better to choose the best material, so that if there is a disaster that arises then your house will remain sturdy.

• Also make sure to build houses with a considerable distance, because the land on the edge of the river is quite soft and easily landslides. Building a house in a riverbank area does not hurt, but you must really build with the best quality materials and pay attention to other guidelines.