Tips for Caring for a Home Garden

Tips for Caring for a Home Garden

Have you read how to make a simple home garden above? Now, after knowing how to make it, you also have to understand the tips on caring for your home garden. So, your garden is not only beautiful but also manicured. What are some tips for caring for him? Check out the short review directly below!

Flush the Plants the Right Way

Watering plants does sound trivial and simple, even though the thing that is considered easy actually has a special technique in doing so. First, water the plants in the morning and evening so the plants have an adequate water supply. Then, make sure to water the plants in different parts and don’t just focus on one point. Sometimes some people only focus on watering the root area, even though the whole plant needs adequate water intake.

Check for Pests

Pests are the main enemy of the owners of the yard. Especially if you care for vegetables, of course pests such as caterpillars or rats can easily damage your plants. In addition, there are also animals called white lice that usually attack ornamental plants. You have to clean your plants often from white lice to maintain their beauty and cleanliness.

Better to Avoid Chemical Fertilizers

The next thing you need to do is avoid using chemical fertilizers. Always prioritize fertilizers made from organic.
You can use fertilizer from the rest of animal manure, compost, a mixture of macro nutrients, to recycled fertilizer. The purer the fertilizer content that you use, the more fertile and fresh the plants in your house.

Maintain Cleanliness

Frequently keep your garden clean by sweeping the leaves or twigs that fall in the yard area. Well, you can later make dry leaves into organic fertilizer for your plants. Do not occasionally throw garbage in your yard, especially if the trash is in the form of plastic or can. This will ruin the beautiful view of your garden. In addition, you also need to spruce plants that grow wild, such as thatch or other wild plants. Clean it regularly so that your garden still looks beautiful.

Cutting the leaves and dry branches

There are some plants which have dry leaves and twigs but do not fall to the ground immediately. In other words, you must really pay attention to your plants. If there are leaves that are brown or dry, hurry up to cut them so that your plants will still look beautiful.

Replacing Damaged Plants

When there are plants that die, immediately replace it with new and still fresh. Can be with the same plant or different types so as not to get bored. That way, your yard will look fresh again.

  1. Pay Attention to Ornament Hygiene

If in your garden area there are decorative stones, statues, pots, or others, frequently to clean them. Usually, the ornament will be easy to mossy because it is located in an outside area so that it can be exposed to heat and rain.
If it is not cleaned up immediately, dirt will be an eyesore. To clean the dirt, can use clean water that has been mixed with soap.