Tips for Choosing an Apartment You Should Consider

Tips for Choosing an Apartment You Should Consider

For some residents who work buying an apartment is an option. Because land is a very rare and expensive thing, other than that traffic jams make travel to the office very long. With a variety of facilities offered, it’s no wonder, apartment sales are increasingly in demand. But, don’t let you get stuck buying an apartment just because of one advantage offered by the developer. So that you are not wrong to choose an apartment, consider tips for buying the following apartment!

1. Learn the Developer Track Record

If you buy an apartment, you are 100{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} dependent on the developer. Many cases of abandoned apartment buildings have been abandoned due to problematic developers. You can find out the credibility of the developer from the Association of Housing Residents of Flats

2. Building Certificate

Don’t forget about certificates such as Right to Build (HGB) owned by the developer, principle license, Building Permit (IMB) and Land Use Permit (SIPPT). Don’t forget to also check the certificate that you will receive, the Flat Rights Unit Certificate (SHSRS).

3. Location

Tips on buying another apartment that is, before buying an apartment you should first conduct a location survey to determine that the location of your apartment is not too far from the place of work, besides that also pay attention to road access, train access and ease of public transportation to get there.

If you need a quiet residence, then stay away from apartments that are close to cafes, bars, discos, places of entertainment that provide live music or executive lounge.It’s important to consider location factors if you want to make a profit. For developers, choosing the location of the apartment must have a sunrise property rating. The sunrise property category is quite diverse. Some consider the location of the sunrise property to be close to infrastructure development.

Sunrise Property is a property in the region that will shine or develop for the next 5 years. Property prices in the sunrise property area will continue to rise along with regional development.The area is developing due to the construction of public facilities, especially infrastructure such as main roads, toll roads and the construction of public transportation modes such as Light Rail Transit

4. Know the Support Facilities

Get to know the public facilities around where you live, for example LRT stations, bus stops, hospitals, police stations, schools, campuses, minimarkets, shopping centers, and office centers.

5. Pay Attention to Building Age

Also consider the age of the building that will be your apartment. If you buy a second apartment, it is recommended not to choose an apartment whose building is too old, because old buildings require more maintenance costs.

6. Look for apartments that suit your needs

There are 3 types of apartments which are unfurnished (no furniture at all), semi furnished (some have furniture) and full furnished (the building is ready to be occupied).

In addition there are also considerations of apartments in terms of size ranging from studio 22 m2, 1 bedroom 34 m2 and two bedroom 39 m2.Look for the type of apartment that suits your needs, not wants. Do not just because considering the prestige of causing your finances instead become unhealthy.

7. Safety Factor

Note the security around the apartment environment, is there a CCTV and security that operates 24 hours.

8. Parking Facilities

Find out if there is a special parking area for residents. How much parking is provided. If you have a car, does it require additional fees for parking.

9. Adjust to the needs

When you want to buy an apartment, you should be able to adjust it to your needs not because of desire. The apartment is divided into 3 types namely apartments without furniture, semi furniture or full furniture. In addition there are also divided according to size. There are studio sizes, rooms 1 to luxury (more than 3 rooms). Don’t rely on prestige but adjust it to your needs so that your finances stay healthy.

10. How to Buy an Apartment

There are two ways to buy an apartment, namely in cash (cash purchase) or on credit

11. Think Daily Operations

One difference between living in an apartment and in an ordinary house is the daily operational costs. Starting from the additional laundry costs (because there is no drying space), costs to buy drinking water, gas, interference with telephone signals, internet problems, letters are only sent up to the mail box and the risk of fire or earthquake.Therefore, make sure where the emergency stairs and make sure the stairs have an exit, not closed to death by a trellis.