Tips for Designing a Minimalist Modern House Concept

Tips for Designing a Minimalist Modern House Concept

Modern lifestyle can certainly be reflected in the design of the house. Modern house models will be part of the modern lifestyle of today’s humans. Just like a minimalist home, modern homes can be seen from the form of a practical and simple house. In modern lifestyles, homes are intended to have special characteristics that distinguish them from traditional houses, for example from the arrangement of functions, architectural styles and details. The embodiment of modern concepts into the world of home architecture is practical, clean and functional, where this impression has an impact on simple, unadorned and candid designs.

In a modern architectural style house, the more functional, honest and clear the design, the more the design gives meaning. The meaning here is a clear feel or the idea of ​​a building that is clearly visible through the clarity of geometry, structure or building materials, not through ornamentation or decoration. In this case, the geometry used to shape the house becomes a major element of modern home architecture.

Choosing a Beautiful Modern Home Design

Actually when you decide to have a house with a modern design, it means you have full rights to choose what kind of modern home design you want. The design can certainly be adjusted to how much land you want to make a house. Because, both the land with a minimalist size and a very large size, can be built with a modern shape. So, later you will occupy a comfortable home. In addition, it is certain, the existence of your house that has a modern design will look striking when around the house you only present ordinary home designs. This certainly can spur some families to follow in the footsteps of you who have a home with a beautiful aesthetic.

The characteristics of Modern Home Design

To simplify your steps in choosing a modern home design, please refer to the characteristics of most modern home designs below:

• Using Natural Stones

Modern home design is inevitably due to the presence of various forms of natural stone. This natural stone will be able to make a house so classy. So, anyone who sees it will be impressed even though the house is minimalist in size. Natural stone is usually obtained from areas such as Cirebon. After processing, natural stone becomes so beautiful to stick to the walls of a house with a modern design.

• Has a Garden and Garage

Parks and garages can indeed be owned by any type of home. Although, of course, not all houses have parks and garages. But, for the design of modern homes, parks and garages as if they should be included in the list of necessities on the characteristics of the house. Where the existence of both – the park is not needed wide and the garage can be made open or closed, will be valued as a feature of the house with a modern design.

• Has a Front Balcony

The balcony which is located on the top floor and facing the front of the street is undeniably able to make modern home designs look so classy. From there, we will find out that the modern house has an upper floor. But, it is also possible that modern home designs do not have balconies. This is what happens in modern minimalist homes that exist in their homes like hotel rooms.

• Striking House Color Variations

It is not uncommon that modern home designs use two paints; black and white. But, most types of modern homes have displayed striking colors on walls, fences, wood doors and windows, and their doors to give a special impression like that of a Barbie dollhouse whose existence is above the other material dolls. This striking color combination can also invite the eye to immediately turn to the modern home. Especially when there is no house around it that gives a striking color.

• Unique Windows and Doors

Types of windows and doors that look unique because of their shape can be used in modern home designs. Surely the existence of windows and doors like this is very suitable for the modern home. The owner only needs to choose the diversity of the two to decorate a few corners of the house, especially in the section facing the front of the road. Because, however the beauty of modern home designs will be assessed for the first time from the front of the house model.

• Has a Special Tiled Arrangement

Although not all modern home designs have this, many of them use their own precarious arrangement. Where, as if in a modern house there are many houses, because the roof is made separate. The characteristics of modern home designs are more or less influenced by the minimalist design that is currently becoming a trend. Today’s modern home trends tend to be minimalist home designs. This minimalist home design is more chosen as a modern home design and also functional.