Tips for Safe Buying a Home Through a Property Agent

Tips for Safe Buying a Home Through a Property Agent

The limited time and knowledge that underlies some people finally decide to use the services of a property agent alias broker for the property purchase process. In addition to being more practical and easier, property agents act like personal assistants who are able to provide the latest information regarding your targeted property.

However, in choosing a property agent certainly should not be careless. It should be noted clearly where the property agent came from, who the brokerage company sheltered it, to what its track record was like. This is very crucial because it is closely related to the property to be purchased, including the security of your money which is certainly not small.

At least, there are five criteria that you should know in assessing the credibility of a property agent, including:

1. Can be trusted. When using the services of a property agent, ask for identification and know for certain the address of the agent’s office. When using the services of online agents or through the internet, believe that the broker is trusted alias is not fake.

2. Leading property agencies must be registered with a brokerage association or association.

3. Using a property agent will really help you, but it should be noted that brokerage services will come in contact with costs. First consult the cost issues before entering the next stage.

4. Property agents who are tied to a property services company are generally more professional in carrying out their duties than a freelance agent. This is because the work procedures have been set by the company.

5. Finally, you can find a credible property agent through a reference friend or relative. It should be noted, a good broker will not ask for commissions in advance until his job to help clients finish.

The Process of Buying a Home Through a Property Agent

In the process of buying a house through a property agent, the steps will be more or less the same as not using the services of a property agent. It’s just that the difference lies in the time which will certainly be more effective and efficient, because everything will be taken care of directly by the property agent. Your job is only to determine which properties you want and submit all the necessary conditions and files.

If summarized, the process of buying a home through a property agent will go through various stages as follows:

1. After finding an appropriate property agent, consult where you want the property, type of housing and facilities, and the budget you have.

2. Next, the property agent will submit a list of property options for your selection. Cone at least three options, and ask the agent to arrange the survey schedule directly to the location. While waiting for the survey schedule, take the time to listen first to property reviews targeted through Property Review at

3. If you have come to the desired property project and get all the information clearly, make a decision on which occupancy you choose. Then convey this to the property agent in order to enter the stage of buying and selling property.

4. When buying property with a mortgage, the process of buying and selling property will certainly involve credit matters in banks and require a number of basic documents such as ID cards, family cards, marriage / divorce certificates, and photocopies of account books. Don’t worry, the property agent will take care of all these steps, of course, with your attendance at certain sessions.

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How to avoid being fooled by a property agent?

Recently, a prospective property consumer reported a fraudulent act committed by a property agent. According to information, the money he gave up to buy the ideal property, was taken away by the agency.

It is undeniable, the process of buying and selling property may be an easy target for unscrupulous fraudsters because it involves the existence of large amounts of money. So that the opportunity for fraud can arise anywhere, both from the initial stage of property search to the end of the buying and selling process.

Now, to avoid adverse cases like this, what should you pay attention to?

• Do not hand over DP money to agents

Even if you already trust 100{ff641ff5a38952415d910bf9755d9449ea357631c69a877ddeff4649ef085b4d} of the property agent who helps you, still, the business of payment should not be handed over. Instead, you have to handle it yourself. When buying property through a developer, make your own payment directly to the official developer account number. That also applies when buying property owned by individuals.