Tips on Building a House on a Sloping Land Contour

Tips on Building a House on a Sloping Land Contour

Building a family dwelling house does require careful planning. Starting from choosing a good land contour, noting the required budget funds, to making a design that suits you. Without these plans, building a house will be increasingly difficult.
Of all the plans mentioned above, choosing a land contour is probably the most important plan because it will be the foundation for building your house. So, how do you choose the right land contour to build a house?

According to Feng Shui, quoted from the architectaria blog, good soil for building buildings is land that has a flat contour, does not tilt, does not decrease, or is steep. Soil texture also affects, how good you choose a solid soil texture because it is resistant to landslides. So what if you’ve already bought sloping ground contours? The following explanation.

Create a retaining wall

The first step that needs to be done is to build a retaining wall in the back of the house. You are also advised to raise the contour of the soil at the back of the house so it is the same as the front of the house. The goal is to make the house more strong and not easy to collapse when natural disasters occur. But building retaining walls can only be done for land with a maximum height of 2 meters. If more, then this method might be a little difficult to apply.

Create a Strong Foundation

When you want to build a house on sloping land, you are advised to build a pile foundation that can support your home building properly. Use the services of experienced builders and professional contractors to get the results that you want.

Create Multilevel Designs

Building a house on sloping land contours is not easy, therefore you are advised to make a terraced house. In addition to being stronger, the construction of multi-storey houses on sloping land contours can reduce the cost of landfill. Complete your peace of mind with residential insurance. Property Insurance (Residential) from Chubb general insurance provides a guarantee against risks that occur unexpectedly.