Tips on Building a Unique Bamboo House

Tips on Building a Unique Bamboo House

The construction of a unique bamboo house can be a solution to have a home that is no less comfortable than an ordinary house. Moreover, making a house from bamboo can be done at a relatively lower cost. It’s just that there are some things that must be considered when wanting to build a house from bamboo, namely:

Use old bamboo

Bamboo used for building materials should be old bamboo. That way, bamboo has greater strength and last longer. Also, make sure that bamboo is not attacked by pests and has a straight stem.

Choose the right type of bamboo

Materials for building bamboo houses can be made with various types of bamboo. Petung bamboo is known as bamboo with a large diameter, reaching 12 to 20 cm with a length of about 40-50 cm. In addition, this bamboo can also grow very tall, reaching 20 meters. Meanwhile, black bamboo is a type of bamboo that is suitable for home furnishings. To make a fence, bamboo apus is the right option.

The process of preserving bamboo must not be abandoned

So that bamboo used as building material can last for decades, make sure that bamboo has been through the process of preservation. There are various bamboo preservation methods that can be used, including using diesel, used oil, or borax liquid. The process of preserving can take days, because bamboo needs to be dried.

The use of processed bamboo raises a modern impression

In addition to considering bamboo that has been preserved, you can also choose to use processed bamboo. In the modern era, as now, bamboo can not only be used in conditions in the form of bars. You can also get processed bamboo in the form of laminated bamboo. The use of laminated bamboo can make a different impression compared to ordinary bamboo houses.

Use bamboo partially

When building a unique bamboo house, you don’t need to use bamboo as a whole. To give an artistic impression, it can also combine bamboo with other types of building materials. For example, you only use bamboo for the roof or floor. Meanwhile, other parts of the house, made using conventional building materials. The proper use of bamboo makes bamboo houses look outdated. In fact, aesthetically, it looks no less beautiful compared to other building materials.

So that the bamboo house can be comfortably occupied for a long time, you also need to provide additional protection. This additional protection can be in the form of Ideal Home Insurance (. Insurance protection, can provide a home protection from various types of disasters and hazards, including natural disasters, fires and terrorism.

That way, the uniqueness of the bamboo house that you have built, can be enjoyed by children and grandchildren later.