Tips on Buying an Apartment in the Middle of the City

Tips on Buying an Apartment in the Middle of the City

The apartment is one of the places to stay that is much in demand by the city community. Because the apartment is a practical residence rather than building a new home. Apartments are usually built simultaneously by the developers. Consists of several types of units, studio types, type 1 Bed Room, Type 2 Bed Room, and Type 3 Bed Room in general. In fact there are even larger types of several types, including type 4 Bed Room and even though the type of Penthouse.

Apartments are also classified into several classes of ordinary or standard type, middle type and upper class type. Of all the types of apartments earlier, perhaps the most popular for a beginner who wants to invest is the type of studio or the smallest or the cheapest. In addition to the price factor is also considered minimal risk in financial calculations. Apart from being an apartment, it can also be used as an investment option, meaning that the apartment can increase in price from time to time and can be rented out. But buying an apartment cannot be done haphazardly, especially for those of you who are beginners.

Has a Strategic Place

Before you buy an apartment, make sure the place is as you wish. Apartments that have a strategic location will make it easy for you to access several public facilities, such as transportation facilities or lines, shopping center facilities, hospital facilities, school facilities, office facilities, business center facilities (business areas) and so on. Especially for business people, choosing strategic apartments in the middle of the city is very important. Because by choosing a strategic location is very important for this vertical housing, and become a major factor.

Watch Prices Before Buying

Some apartment units have very varied purchase prices, which are not the same as the prices of other apartments. This difference depends on the location of the apartment, view unit, and the facilities contained in it. If buying an apartment, in addition to considering the number, make sure it also fits your budget. Do not let an apartment exceed our budget limit to interfere with our own finances.

Pay attention to payment methods

If you want to buy an apartment, it’s best to buy in cash. Because when you make payments this way, there are a lot of benefits that can be obtained. These benefits can be in the form of purchase discounts and so on. Although in fact there are other ways of payment offered by the apartment developer, from installments in stages for several periods and longer installments reaching decades facilitated by the Bank. The payment is made through financing an apartment loan or KPA.
Choosing a Developer with a Guaranteed Reputation

One of the tips for buying an apartment for beginners is to choose a developer who has a guaranteed reputation. By choosing a developer or developer who already has a reputation, a clear and proven track record, previous experience of building an apartment might be able to make our trust to buy the product. This is very important for you to pay attention, because building an apartment requires very complex procedures and permits.

Facilities Owned

In buying an apartment, be sure to pay attention to the facilities it has. Some facilities that you should pay attention to are about how comfortable the apartment is, and whether it is safe or not for residential use. Such as parking facilities, security, services, and of course other facilities to support current lifestyle, such as swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, gym (gym), jacuzzi, steam & sauna, swimming pools, commercial areas, and others.

And even in some middle class apartments and some upper class apartments there are also quite complete facilities and are not available in other apartments, including supported by a private elevator and directly connected to our apartment unit, private lobby to receive our guests outside the main lobby, Private Pool (the concept of a private and closed swimming pool) or the concept of a swimming pool on the roof top (top floor) so that we can enjoy the view of the building and the city. Available Barbeque Area, can we make a fish-burnt feast or meat party in an apartment complex with family or important colleagues. Movie Theater (movie-watching room), Billiards Playroom, and others.

Inventory Prospects

The apartment will be one property that has a high investment value, in addition to being a residence, you can also make it as an inventory in the future. Because the price of an apartment will continue to increase. In addition to waiting for the results of an investment increase in apartment prices from the next year to know, if we do not live in the apartment we can rent, and can get a return.

In order to get a good apartment, of course, it is very important to know tips for buying an apartment first. Especially for those of you who do not have the knowledge and experience in buying an apartment.