Tips to Build Your Own Home More Efficient and Fast

Tips to Build Your Own Home More Efficient and Fast

The house is a primary need for humans. But, at this time you could say that to be able to have a house we have to spend a lot of money. Because indeed every year the price of land and houses continues to rise. But, that does not mean that you belong to the middle class can not have a house. Don’t be pessimistic just yet because you can actually build your own house. Of course the matter of cost will be far cheaper than having to buy a house that has been built by the developer. On the other hand, you can design your own house that you want to live in.

Easy, you can first pay in installments by buying land first, then slowly you can pay in installments to buy raw materials for the house little by little. Well, here is the savings you can make. You can choose what raw materials need to be used and not. But, in our opinion there are three important components in building a house that you can use to save costs. Anything?

1. Mortar Cement

Generally, that makes the work of building a house a long time and throw away the budget because the developer still uses ordinary cement. Why is that? Because when using ordinary cement, workers must first mix it with water and sand. That’s certainly not practical, plus a lot of cement and sand is wasted so spending in this sector is difficult to control. Not to mention when you need additional sand for only about one sack, you can’t help but have to order a truck because the sand sold at retail is much more expensive. Therefore it is better for you to switch to cement mortar. With this cement, it is clear that workmanship will be more practical and efficient because workers simply mix enough water. On the other hand, with the use of mortar there will be no more raw materials scattered.

Moreover, cement mortar is easy to use, and dries quickly so the process of building a house can be faster. Of course with this your budget savings are double; The first is to save raw materials, and the second is to save workers’ payments because of the short turnaround time. Cement mortar also makes building your walls smoother and denser so the cavities on the walls are very small and you won’t find hair cracks. With the density of the cavity, you can save on the use of paint because the paint material is not absorbed into the wall cavity. So, painting the walls does not need to be repeated so that the cost for paint can be reduced.

2. Lightweight brick

Besides mortar as a substitute for cement, you also need to replace red brick with lightweight brick. Do not be fooled by the name, at the same time the name is light brick but about quality is maintained. Because it’s the same as mild steel, which remains sturdy and strong even though it doesn’t weigh a lot.

After all, currently in big cities there are already many buildings and houses that use lighter bricks rather than red bricks. Using lightweight bricks can also save a budget because to glue it only takes one smear of mortar. Certainly different than the red brick that needs a certain cement thickness to be glued together.

On the other hand, buying lightweight bricks is much cheaper because of the manufacturing process that uses machines. So, it is different from the red brick which sometimes the price can go up if the weather often rains. Because for the production of red brick mostly still done in the traditional way. So that the red brick stock can also be limited in the rainy season.

3. Floor Panels

Next is the use of floor tiles to replace the old way when going to make a concrete deck floor or high rise building. Because if the old method is usually workers will cast the floor, it takes a long time because they need to formwork and wait for the concrete to dry (generally it can take up to 28 days).

Meanwhile, if you use a floor panel, once installed we can immediately continue the work to the next stage without having to wait for the concrete to dry.

4. Light Steel

Mild steel is commonly used to replace wooden frames on roofs. Of course the use of mild steel will strengthen the quality of your home building. Then, even with mild steel, you don’t have to worry about using wood material stock because there is always availability.

Here are some components or raw materials in building your dream home that you need to use. Because by using these materials, you will not only save budget, but can also speed up the process of home work. And no need to worry about quality because even if the budget to build a house is cheaper and faster workmanship, but the quality of your home building will be maintained.